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Complete Ghillie Thread

The Chef

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My friend just bought 2 ghillies, here's some pictures of how well they work. :-)






One is a 3 piece suit, made out of mesh with the ghillie material tied on, the other is a one piece that slides over you, same build. I have not used one of them in a game yet though, I do not have a weapon with the range to make it helpful.


I linked to them because they are too large for the forums.

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There from my phone, sorry. I really do not know why he bought them, I doubt he will ever use them in a game.


Everyone couldn't believe their eyes when we both put them on Saturday at the game. I think he must be the first airsofter in South Carolina to own a ghillie.

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I used to get those wierd sort of looks when i put on my full Ghillie suit at my local forest skirmish site.


All the jokes stopped a month later when it was -2degrees and i was lovely and toasty while everyone else was freezing.


Ahhh the simple joys of dressing like a wookie!

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I have an alternative way of constructing a ghillie, which doesnt involve shoo goo or anything like that (it can give you cancer lol).


However it involves a type of sewing much like if you were making a rug.




  • Lots of Jute Twine (I used about 20m) and it needs to be reasonably thin (I used the three strand variety)
  • Arktis/Webtex ghillie base. Webtex is better bescause it comes with a hood.
  • Dyes (two shades of green and a brown should do it)
  • Table salt for dye
  • Rug maker needle thing
  • Dust mask ( I really should have worn one, I was coughing really badly for two weeks after)
  • Fair amount of time and patience

The objective of this ghilie is to sew the jute onto ghillie base.


Here is a picture of the rug needle thing.



Any craft shop should sell them. And If you ask they will tell you how to use it. Basically it knots the jute to the ghillie base.



Dying the jute

I used Dylon dyes, and I got all I need to dye the lot for under a tenner.


Get your dyes, and a big pan. Pour about half a packet of dye into the pan, and cover it liberally with salt. Then take some boiling water and pour over untill it is a fair depth. And turn on the heat.


Cut your jute up, and drop in, leave for at least 30 seconds, the longer you leave in, the stronger the colour. YOu can vary it.


After you have dyed the jute, give it a rinse of cold water to get rid of excess dye.


Leave to dry outside, or in an airing cupboard. Or get an only pillow casee, load all the jute in and put in a dryer.



Attaching the jute


Take the jute, cut into strips about 10cm long.


Take your rug needle thing and begin sewing.


It will take ages, but try build depth and coverage. Once its done it will look like a lot of hair.


use you intuition when sewing, add longer parts on the edges, vary the colours and make it nice and thick. Dont cover the veggie straps





You can also attach the jute to a boonie for a hat if you wish







Once its all done you should have a veil type thign that covers your shoulders, head, back and arms.


Remember, as with all ghillies. No matter how weell they are made, they all benefit from fresh vegetation from the local area. SO before a game spend a good 20 minutes packing it out with local vegetation. And when hididng try stick to this type of vegetation.



Sorry for the image colours, my room lights are bad, and the sun only shines in on mornings.. Soemthing im not good with.

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Vice: Have you tried using twin-ply jute instead of triple ply?

I used it as it seemed to "frey up" much quicker than triple ply as i was too lazy to untwist it and apply single strands (such as you would get with a bushrag kit)


Plus i couldn't find a decent suplier of bulk single ply just and i ended up ordering 40 large balls of dual ply Jute for a discount (sad i know).


Also a good tip to make "lengths" of jute without so much tedious measuring:

Get a battery powered hand drill

Get a length of aluminium box section from B&Q and cut to about 12" in length

Drill 3 holes in it, one at each end, and one in the middle.

put a long nut through the middle hole and bolt it in place.

put a long bolt through each end so they the long excess points the "other" way and bolt them place.

Clamp that middle bolt into chuck of the power drill.

Tie the end of the Jute to one of the end bolts.

SLOWLY start pulling the drills trigger and the jute reels out of the center of the ball and around the two end bolts.

When you have a suficient amount on there get a STRONG pair of scissors and chop through either end of the bundle it's formed and you are left with a LOT of 12" lengths of jute!


I'll post a pic of my version of this "thinggy" if i remember over the weekend.


NOTE: BE CAREFUL! This is a lethal contraption when it's going at some speed and i have the cuts and bruises to prove it :)

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I just used scissors and it worked fine :P



The way I frayed the just is jogging.


I tied the ghillie by string to my waste and ran for about 20 mins, accross fields and pavements. Frayed it ok. Now I just wear it in, although I havnt sniped in a long time.

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May be I am asking a stupid question, but I am new, and I didn't read the whole topic, so...please forgive me. ;)


But I was wondering, being moving rapidly (and obviusly unseen) from a fire postion to another one of the basics of the sniper tactic, if the ghillie suit does not bring any problem.

I never wore one, so...;)

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Wow that is good. I played today with my Ghillie and I was REALLY suprised by how effective it was. I got a few good ambushes with my M14 (I didn't use my G-spec as I had no heavy BB's), and on the last game everybody was focused on the flag, so I just sat in some EXTREMELY sparse woodland and picked off 9 people with only 2 deaths. I was very happy for a first time user.

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You can run in ghillie's, it's just very awkward. You have to be careful too not to get caught in anything. Ghillie's will snag on every single tiny twig, branch, and underbrush.


it depends on your play style

if you are a quick moving player that relies on smarts and quickness, you should be wearing a waist-up style ghillie that does not slow you down, but if you get into a situation where you are 100% reliant on camo, you'll probably be shot.


If you are a camping sniper that sets up in a specific spot, crawling around slowly and taking out targets of opportunity, or mainly providing recon, a body covering natural ghillie will serve you better, but if you ever have to run away, you'll probably be shot.


sniping is all about adapting your gear to your play style

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I have had this idea for ages and although its not really 'true' sniping its a sniping of sorts. it would involve me in a ghillie slowly creeping up on people (in wood land) armed with an mp5 with nothing but a laser on it and only shooting when there in a position so they cant see the laser. would this 'methoed work'

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