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Help with first sniper rifle

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Firstly, it is a long post but I may as well get as much info down on one go, I am asking for your help after all.


Im on my annual bonus fuelled spending splurge and naturally airsoft started whispering to my wallet. I’ve been considering it for a while but now want to bite the bullet and get a sniper rifle. After a year and a bit of playing ive found myself settling into the role of the person who is happy to sit for most of the game waiting in the spot where he knows bodies will come through eventually and likes being the sneaky git who gets them. Ive managed to do this with an AEG quite effectively for now but id like to push that ability a bit further and go for the sniper loadout. My budget is about £5-600ish for the rifle and performance upgrades (not including scope, bipod, sling etc) and my fps limit is *achoo* at the site I play at (Im not asking for help with that though, don’t want to break the rules.) I haven’t been to my regular site for a bit so I haven’t had a chance to talk to the resident snipers on my team yet.


Ive done a bit of looking and thought Id ask for advice here as it is a sniper specific question I have. Im basically after advice on weather it would be easier (and obviously cheaper) to buy parts and upgrade a sniper rifle myself, or if it would be beneficial to buy a mostly upgraded rifle (to save my time really) and then tweak it to my personal wants afterwards. Im ok with doing basic work on AEG’s and GBB’s (ive never had a big enough problem to warrant doing major work to them and im happy using stock AEG’s), but I have no experience with spring sniper rifles at all.


I know what I would like, and this is this:


An L96 replica rifle, probably the Maruzen APS2 L96. Whilst ive read its not the most accurate gun out there it is still good. As Id like to use it in all weathers and not have to have the constant expense for gas, Id prefer a spring rifle. I do like the L96 as well, aesthetics do play a part.


(Generally) Laylax internal upgrades; for the higher FPS springs I ‘could’ put into this gun I hear these are necessary to withstand the greater forces caused.


I can list the parts I have seen to put into this rifle if it becomes relevant.


Scope; no idea if im honest. Ive never used anything more than iron sights and have never felt the need to normally on my AEGs, and haven’t really been able to find much help or advice on these. Is it more a case of finding what works for you as far as optics go?


I trust zeroone and could get most of the parts from them that I may need (I prefer not to use over seas retailers, I simply don’t like the hassle from customs that always seems to occur) They sell a Maruzen APS2 L96 stock or with a “Teflon Cylinder, Cylinder Head, ‘oops’SP Spring, Spring Guide, Piston, Piston Head” complete upgrade.


How hard is it to upgrade the stock rifle myself with these parts (plus a few extras) to save about £60 worth of work, which I would hope I could probably do my self, or would it be worth buying the upgraded rifle from Z1 to start with and then adding any last extra internal parts myself (things such as a zero trigger, tightbore barrel etc)


That’s my main query at the moment, if anyone answers and I need to provide any further detail I will, I think I have a pretty good idea of what I want. Thanks for reading.

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Well i cant help too much, but as far as scopes go you want one that is nice specs and not to heavy 3-9x40 is a good spec but with an upgraded rifle you may want one with higher specs. also as far as i know its cheaper to get one of Z1 upgraded already.

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id get a fully upgraded vsr or similar from z1

if you wantthe l96 style - then get that on pre upgraded!


if you havent had any experience upgrading springers - (i havent) then id probably go with a pre upgraded model - then you havent got to worry!


shoudl you want to do you own upgrades - perhaps buy a cheap chinese clone rifle (as well as your other rifle) - like the warrior 1

then you can fiddle about all you like with out fear of recking your main gun!


as far as optics go - i personally dont like airsoft specific scopes


if you want a good reliable scope - get down to a gunsmiths and ask for either AGS or NIKKO STIRLING scopes

these are good quality and cheap


you do not need a high magnification scope - despite what people may tell you!


at the very most you will need a 6x magnification - and if you wanted to search an area then a 9 will be more than enough!!!


even then i wouldnt recomend a variable power scope - as its an expense you dont really need.


i would go for a 4x scope ideally with a 40mm objective lense - known as a 4x40

this will be more than enough - and will keep your costs down a bit!


- bipods etc

harris are arguably the best

i have one on my air rifle - and its never let me down!!


slings - meh - much of the muchness really!


hope that helps

regards amsniper

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For a first sniper a VSR-10 (G-Spec or Standard) is the best bet, TM goodness and lots of upgrade potential. You could consider a non bolt alternative (G3-SG1 or Steyr AUG) for the more DM role but if you want the stand alone sniper role then a VSR-10 for definite.



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I would recommend the following:


Mz aps type 96

tasco 3-9x40/50

mz ball-joint bipod

zero trigger

lvl-3 cylinder set

pdi hop up chamber

prometheus 6.03 barrel


That is about the best set-up you can get for that rifle. I've played with one, and loved every second on the field.

(allso those parts can withstand quite a strong spring)

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