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BB comparison

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Pretty much all the brands of white 4s ive seen have been suspiciously similar. They all have imperfections to some degree and most leave a white residue, so I'm guessing they all come from the same place! My first batch came from Amped Airsoft in the US after they pulled them for QC problems and sold them off at a discount price. All the other white ones appeared around that time or later. The guys at Amped were pretty open about it saying the initial test runs were perfect but the main run weren't. They seemed to reckon it would get sorted but the last time I checked they still weren't doing any so I guess they didn't want to take the risk of stockpiling more potential problems. If they are still the same ones then that explains why there's quite a mixed bag of reviews. They generally seemed fine in my VSR but I had feed issues in my WE 416 GBBR and really bad feed issues in an ASG Mk23. I did wash my lot and after that they were pretty rough but I suspect that helped the hop gain traction. A mate used his first batch unwashed and quickly gummed up his VSR so that's why I washed mine.



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I'm still running tan .40g Madbull/Blasters that I had in stock.


Running dangerously low though.

Pretty sure I've got half a tub left.


I'll check tonight and let you know if you want them?

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So, me getting the bug again has got me curious.


What are people using for heavy ammo these days? Seen some grey madbull ammo about, but that leaves a nasty residue on hop and barrels.


So what's good in long range sniping?


Ta :)

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I've just swapped over from Tan Madbull .40 to Nuprol/WE .40.


Had to dial my hop down a couple of clicks (TM VSR unit, Type B arm, Firefly rubber) as they seem to grip the hop a bit better.


Flight characteristics seem pretty similar, although my point of impact has changed a touch. Just needed to re zero my scope.


Others have been having issues with these BBs causing jams... I haven't yet, but I'm only maybe a couple of hundred in so far.

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How consistent are they?


Why did you swap? Are tan Madbull .4s not available any more? I'm guessing not with this and scorchs post...

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How consistent are they?


Why did you swap? Are tan Madbull .4s not available any more? I'm guessing not with this and scorchs post...

I found them as consistent as the tan madbulls. I'll be the first to admit though, I'm still getting used to my rifle too... So take into account a certain level of user "error". But yeah... I certainly haven't had any issues with them, if anything I got less flyers, but my sample size just doesn't give me usable data yet (if you know what I mean).


Yup, swapped due to tan .40 no longer being available, well, easily... They're still out there, but tricky to find. Site shop has Nuprol .40 so a big dose of convenience (and a complete inability to pick up grey BBs on my part) meant the swap.


I have read of players having a nightmare with them though.. I seem to have been lucky so far *touch wood*.

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We compared a week ako a bounch of diferent BB-s including nuprol .43, on 50m from a very good built vsr. The grouping was the tightest with the we, but some shot just flew completly off... I will show the result as soon as i got them.

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The result of the shooting tests are not ready yet.... But here is something else for you.

A very informative and accurate measurment of the WE ".43" BB-s.

The numbers are clear... If you want to read the rest you will probably need google translate :D


Thanks for the mesureing and testing for Agysebész from softair.hu



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I have had a look at the article Geri has posted the link to. Without the graphs/tables and with a nasty case of Google translate and trying to figure out what it is trying to say (reading between the lines a bit) Please find the following which I must apologise for. I have tried to make the best sense of it. Have changed it a bit and have included comments in brackets. Some of it I cant quite get the gist of so feel free to help out with translations.




Talk about numbers


The measurements were made with instruments which were in calibration and were calibrated by a certified company. (I assume this means they were calibrated against standards traceable back to National Standards)


The measurements were made at 20°C and 20% humidity. The measured 50 BBs spent 24 hours in the environment before testing to ensure that they were acclimatised and at the same temperature as the measuring environment. The measured BBs were only handled while wearing gloves to avoid contamination.


The above conditions are stated to give an example of the conditions in which the measurements were taken. This is so that they can be replicated by anyone else wishing to make the same measurements in the same conditions. (Good scientific method so that measurement conditions can be replicated.)



Measurement Equipment:


Analytical balance ( A precision laboratory weighing machine):

Lower limit of measurement: 0.01g

Upper Limit of measurement: 200g

Resolution: 0.001g


Micrometer belt force limiter:

Lower limit of measurement: 0mm

Upper limit of measurement: 25mm

Resolution: 0.001mm

Measurement contact force: 0.5N



Measurement results:


Graph 1 Title "Mass:"


Graph 2 Title "Diameter:"


Graph 3 "Error of Form" (Out of roundness?)


The accurate measurement results are shown on the last page in the third table.


Table 1


Manufacturer's Stated Mass = 0.43g

Minimum Measured Mass = 0.413g

Maximum Measured Mass = 0.423g

Average Mass = 0.4186g

Dispersion (Standard Deviation?) = 0.0100g



A 0,01g standard deviation is shown in the first table. In the case of measuring 50 BBs this seems to be very good, this is 2.3% of the total nominal mass.


Table 2


Manufacturers Stated: Tolerance = +/-0.01mm : Diameter = 5.95mm

Min Measured: 0.0000mm : 5.9333mm

Max Measured: 0.0110mm : 5.9520mm

Average Measured: 0.0039mm : 5.9414mm

Dispersion (Standard Deviation?): ----- : 0.0187mm

Error of Form: 0.0110mm: ------



The second table may have been a bit more complicated. According to the manufacturers data the BB diameter is 5.95 +/- 0.01 mm . According to the measurements, the standard deviation 0,0187mm which fits the nominal tolerance. According to the standard specified tolerance range form 50% of the allowable error. In this case this 0,011mm max. Instead of 0.01. ( I think the author is trying to say that a tolerance of +/-0.01 gives an tolerance band 0.2mm wide (BBs could be 5.96 to 5.94 in diameter) ) Here, of course, to say that this is going to be bad but also because of the inaccuracy of measurement only three points measured the diameter and shape of which was calculated from the error :) ( I think the author is saying that the result is not good but bear in mind there are inaccuracies in the measurements of the diameter which were only taken at three points around the BB from which the errors of form were calculated which could accentuate the errors)


Visual inspection:

You can see the surface error (in the photograph) From 50BBs only two had faults occurred which significantly changed the trajectory of the BBs.



Currently, the "sniper" BB's choice of the market is quite thin. Of course, if you look at it from an economic perspective, no producer will get rich from the sale of the heavy BB.


What is incomprehensible to me that everyone hasn't had the bright idea of 0.43g BB, distributed in 3000 BB containers. So marketing is a "big stink" Some get!


As shown above, the quality is not bad, but the 50/2 (good/bad) ratio, can be annoying for some people. The "l?tesztbe," (cant find a translation for this) scattering into the picture because I did not go into the exact thing can not be said of me. ( I think this is about saying that you cant say he didn't take enough care about ensuring the accuracy of his measurement, which I would agree with) Types of weapons, technical status, power, environment variables are all one takes the "formula".


The unit price of around 5 Ft (Hungarian Forint ) for a pack of 3000 pieces is not a lot. The widely known 0.29g SGM (Super Grand Master) BB by Maruzen SGM by contrast is around 10Ft per pack of 500pcs. Unit price to quality there if he had not wanted to direct such difficulty BB "kipengetem" (cant find a translation for this) more then the price of the SGM (again). However, if you are lucky enough to stand up to a bottle or three of them then go for it because it's slick little berry!


( I think the gist of this is that the 0.29 SGM BB is not cheap but they are consistent. However if you can get hold of three bottles of the 0.43g for the same price then do so as they are a "slick little berry" ;) )


Table 3 headings

Measured BB number., Weight, Dia measurement 1, Dia measurement 2, Dia measurement 3 ,Error of Form, Average Dia


I think Error of form is out of roundness.

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Just an update on my own experiences with Nuprol .40. Went through maybe a few hundred over a weekend sniping.


I'm actually experiencing less misfeeds with the Nuprols than I did with tan Madbulls. It appears issues with jamming is mostly due to double stack mags (they don't like pistol mags, or AEG midcaps). A more technically minded player explained it's due to them being 'gritty' and that a soak in vinegar may be a solution...? Not something I'm going to worry about personally, but figured I'd pass it on... :)

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What rifle you useing? Because I never ever had a missfeed nor with the madbulls or now with the we.

It's a bit of a frankenrifle... JG Bar 10 based, with the important bits ripped out and replaced with TM/PDI/ASPUK parts.


On my previous TM VSR, I also experienced misfeeds now and again. It's not something that's ever massively bothered me. I'm sure I could fix the very occassional ones I get, by having a look at my mags... I'm just not one to take stuff apart, and very much an "end user".


You (or your rifle) must be blessed though, as even the guys who strip, and clean everything religiously get occassional misfeeds.

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Just a quick question on this, are we saying that the Nuprol BBs are better than the Madbull Tan verision or simply a better idea due to availability? Also, what if I knew where to get a load of Maruzen 0.29 APS Super Grand Master BBs, would they still be the number one?

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Did some test with some BBs recently


My Rifle

PDI VC Cylinder set, added air brake rod to piston head, so more like an HD piston

Very old PDI hop chamber made with brass

PDI AEG bucking

PDI 6.08 375mm AEG Barrel w/ spacers

Unknown spring, some random old spring hanging around, I guess it could put me in jail after I fixed some air seal issue, I then cut down few coils to minimum preload, shoots 0.2g BBs @ ~420 FPS



All targets shot at same distance - approx. 23M, max available distance in the warehouse at my work place, I believe no wind in room cos A/C is off after work :P


Shot from standing position with bipod support on cardboard box with goods inside, not the best position but I think it's somewhat "combat-accurate" situation.


I load 20 of each kind of BB straight out from bag into my mag, shot first 10 rounds at something else then at the target.

The reason for this arrangement is due to the soft bucking warms up a bit in this slightly "hot" gun, and each kind of BBs vary quite a lot in weight and response to hop up strength, I need few shots to decide where to put my hold.



I was patient enough for first 2 sheets and measured the widest part of the group, felt disappointed for later samples and went lazy :P.




P.S. If anyone interested, the hand written X is where I hold my center of the scope, if not written then I aimed dead center.



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