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Cheap Airsoft

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We have a shippment of Cheap Airsoft on route from the far east


Here is a list of what we have on the way and guide prices


Jing Gong M4A1AEG (AirsoftElectricGun) £99.00

Jing Gong G36C AEG (AirsoftElectricGun) £119.00

Jing Gong AK47 Beta AEG with stock £95.00

Jing Gong MP5 A4 AEG (AirsoftElectricGun) £95.00

CM-030 Glock 18C AEP (AirsoftElectricPistol) £55.00

cm.031 rev.1 AK-74 AEG (AirsoftElectricGun)£95.00

cm.028 AK-47 AEG (AirsoftElectricGun) £95.00

AEG (M14clone) with black stock £129.00

M93R AEP (AirsoftElectricPistol) £55.00

m.0688a shell ejecting shotgun £55.00

R-4 (MP7clone) AEG (AirsoftElectricGun) £95.00

AGM WWII MP40 AEG with wood side panels £139.00

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