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Army SF & SOF Pics

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Rangers ARE SF.


For holsters not sure but in the ACU thread had some pictures of Rangers a few pages back.




Yeah, I posted 'em. I also have them saved on my computer for my daily Ranger fix :D. Unfortunately, none of them are wearing a holster.


What's the difference between SF and SOF?

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scoob you sorry ######, was that the one on ebay?


LOL medic, I saw you on Ebay. I actually didn't think I would win because the bidding ended 7:30am in my zone. I woke up at 8am and just realized no one counter bid. Now I got a green and a brown.



Left is XL, right is L size.



(Not Army SF...but US Forces love them)

Only 20 minutes prior to the firefight Aug. 8, 2006 in Qalat Province, Afghanistan, Staff Sgt. Jason Kimberling had this photo taken of himself by a fellow Airman. Sergeant Kimberling was awarded a Bronze Star with valor and an Army Commendation Medal at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, July 19 for his actions in Afghanistan. Sergeant Kimberling was one of only three Americans in a coalition tasking with the Afghan national police and Army that was attacked. His actions prevented the entire coalition force from being split up during an ambush. Sergeant Kimberling is assigned to the 366th Security Forces Squadron at Mountain Home AFB.

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Linky don't work. But here is the item number. 130142652237


Here's the thing with the old DOAV. The one I had is the older style. You must study the buckles at the front shoulder area. The ones on ebay currently have the buckles above the leather pad (current style, not rare). The one I got, it's below the leather pad. Same as what the Army SF got. :D Buckles, low. The rare piece.





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