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What a curious 2nd Line. Looks at first like an EPC, but then you look at the left, and there is a part overlapping the cummerbund, and on the shoulder it looks as though the back carrier straps are stuffed in the elastic of the front.


RRV + EPC rear WITH cummerbund?



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I have been trying to figure out what that guy is wearing for some time too. I really dont have a clue beyond what you've just said sasquatch.


The back panel doesnt look like an eagle back panel, the stitching on the shoulder straps looks different.

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Looking at it closer I believe he is wearing a EPC back panel with the cumberbund and replaced the front with the RRV. I'm guessing he used the cumberbund to hold the side SAPI's.


Edit: On closer inspection it looks like a MBSS back panel instead of an EPC back panel due to the stitching going down the shoulder pads.

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Sorry to hijack the discussion, but do any of you

guys have any info on the DCU gent in this pic?




The green gear is what confuses me since Army ODAs, SEALS

etc nowadays rock the khaki MLCS stuff.


Appreciate any info, cheers / Dirt

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