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Army SF & SOF Pics

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Fair enough, but it was my understanding that the RLCS kit issued to Rangers consisted of gear in the Ranger green colour (please correct me if i'm wrong) which they are quite strict about. And, since the chap in the middle is wearing tan gear (ala SFLCS gear) I thought it possible that he may be something other then a Ranger?


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As far as the multicam pack, could just be the soldiers likes the pack and no one has told him to ditch it yet. My cousin has been using an ATS Tactical multicam cobra pack and some MC pouches on his IBA for a couple months. He said hes going to continue doing it until his CSM tells him to ditch it.

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Here's my incomplete SF direct action kit, excuse the poor early am lighting :P






TRU woodland top

surplus BDU pants

Alta kneepads

Merrel sawtooths

BHI kevlar fury gloves

Casio G-shock


1st line:

Eagle duty belt w/ security buckle

DBT suspender

Safariland 6004

HSGI drop leg

HSGI 2x pistol mag pouch

Phantom dump pouch


2nd line:

PACA carrier w/ IIIA inserts

DBT FAPC w/ cummerbund

DBT 3x M4 pouch

DBT 2x M4 pouch

DBT 2x radio pouches

DBT 1x pistol mag

Camelbak HAWG w/ replica MBITR/ real PRC handset




WETech M1911 tactical



Peltor Comtacs

Motorola FRS/GMRS w/ Peltor PTT

Icom M7 Marine VHF



modded Boom Arms MICH

MSA chinstrap

MSA pads

catseye band

Petzl Tactikka

ESS striker turbocam

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