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Army SF & SOF Pics

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Impression as:















Tacgear GEN II Smock.

Tacgear Combat trousers.

Tacgear bodyarmour shirt.

Tacgear Boonie.

Tacgear Gaiters (not on pic).

DSO cheastrig (Flecktarn).

Maxpedition Mega Rolly.

BHI balaclava.

Hatch Operator CQB F-10 gloves.

MSA Sordin X pro.

RS Bowman.

Motorola saber

Garmin 60CSx.

Safariland 6004 - Glock 17 metal slide, triljicon XS BD sights.

SYSTEMA M4A1 MAX - http://www.airsoftsverige.com/V6/viewtopic...=26&t=74576






The guy in green @ the start:



Later on there will be a "door kicking" setup with CIRAS and MICH. Just missing the freakin CIRAS!

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just a quick link for those in the UK, flecktarn.co.uk have genuine M84 pattern BDU's and a few tactical products although they come at quite a price. they also have repro but its not very good looking.


well done cougar for the awesome danish loadout. i notice your from sweden, and swedish M90 (i think) pics?

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Hey guys,

Im pretty unsure when it comes to all the gear that is available and Im always amazed at the knowledge and attention to detail that many of you apply when it comes to your loadouts so hopefully someone can help me.

Currently I have a Blackhawk Nomex Balaclava, a Peckham ECWCS fleece, an ORC MCU Windshirt, a pair of Blackhawk Aviator gloves, Tricolor BDUs and a pair of Belleville boots.

When I first started skirmishing I didnt intend to go for any particular style but it has kinda evolved into a SF Afghan look.

I have been using Military Photos as reference but I now need to get some kind of vest/rig and Im a bit unsure what would be suitable.

I have provided some of the pictures I have been using so could anyone tell me what sort of thing these guys would use?








I will look forward to your help and suggestions.

Thank you.

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ELCS rig is what your looking for. PM inbound.


The first pic shows that entire SF team wearing 3DCU ELCS rigs, that was part of the SPEARS loadout, they also had BALCS armor. That Fleece they are wearing is the SPEARS Fleece. Those pics are from 03-05 (not sure exactly though, but it looks like 03) though.


That bottom guy is a SEAL, so hes sorta different there.


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Based on his discription of equipment, I dont know if the ELCS is what he should go for. I used to rock a Woodland ELCS with woodies back in the day. With the ORC MCU, I think he might be looking for a more modern vest? I could be wrong though, the rest of his gear sounds like it could fit.





Don't want to flood the place with pictures, but you get the general idea of the ELCS. A DCU would look MUCH more uniform for you, although you see plenty of SF guys from earlier 2000's with woodland ELCS ontop their DCUs. (but then again, those guys didn't really wear any clothes at all except khaki pants, IIIA vest, and the ELCS)


Just givin' what I got guys.

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Sorry if I've confused you mate. The ELCS is the vest I am wearing. DCU is Desert Combat Uniform. So when I referred to the DCU being much more uniform for you, I wasn't referring to another vest. I was referring to the ELCS in a desert pattern color.


lol like I said, I don't know if you were confused, but just clearing things up. I realized I may have been a bit confusing.


I don't remember specifically, but I think G&P makes a good replica ELCS vest. You might want to take a look around WGCshop.com. They should carry it there.


Sorry I dont have much intel on the Bulle vest. Maybe others might have more information for you, but they look alright to me.

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Chillindrdude - Thanks man. :) Sorry but I don't have any pics of it in the field, and sadly won't. I sold all that gear already, and I'm in a painfully long process of building a high-speed multicam setup. (a bigger challenge than I expected) But im glad you likie. :D



Like Blarney said, you really can wear whatever the heck you want. Little more intel on the Bulle vests. They're 40$, which seems nice, but the real-deal version of that vest is the Eagle Industries Rhodesian vest, if you want to just take a look at that. They run about 150$ brand new. Maybe search some pictures online, and see if its the look you're going for?

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Thanks for the help guys.

I maybe confused things by linking to those pictures.

I used them just as a rough guide to what I was looking for, Im not bothered about my loadout being 100% accurate to that time, just a general look (if that makes sense!) I was more asking what could be used by this type of soldier.

While I respect the guys who have an amazing knowledge of military equipment and their loadouts a super accurate, its not really for me. I would find it hard to keep up with everything required and I couldn't really dedicate the time required to locate all the various bits of kit.

I love reading the posts made by the guys who really know their stuff (this thread and the Navy SEALS thread especially) but to be honest it kinda makes my head spin :P

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Yea man. I hear you there. Those guys know a lot, and I love having so many around. Lets you learn a bunch and help out.


Really the special forces soldier look you're going for, you could honestly wear whatever you'd like. The Bulle vest would be fine. Its mostly about what you think would look cool. :D

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Yea it surprised me too to see the US SF operative using it.


But hey, if it works right? I guess he didn't have access to the double pwninating m-32.


It has lately been clearly more common to see SEALs running an M79 within a team instead of 203s. More versatile, the ability to switch among the crew and the fact that it doesn't weigh down the primary are reasons for this.

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