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Army SF & SOF Pics

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Yea man. I hear you there. Those guys know a lot, and I love having so many around. Lets you learn a bunch and help out.


Really the special forces soldier look you're going for, you could honestly wear whatever you'd like. The Bulle vest would be fine. Its mostly about what you think would look cool. :D

OK dude,

Thanks for all your help.

Much appreciated :D

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It has lately been clearly more common to see SEALs running an M79 within a team instead of 203s. More versatile, the ability to switch among the crew and the fact that it doesn't weigh down the primary are reasons for this.


Ah I see.

I just can't believe that the M32 hasn't made its way into our lives yet. You dont see many soldiers carrying them. I don't understand why, I mean, they're heavy and bulky. But they do what the M79 can do, only 6 times over.

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yeah, top 4 slots are for flashbangs and the sort. This panel is mainly worn by the 1st or 2nd guy on the stack, so that the guy behind him would throw the flashbang while the carrier is able to provide gun-up when the door is open, and the thrower has some "cover."


Mrk. loving the rig, absolutely loving it. Do you need to tighten your duty belt at all? Sagging a wee bit, maybe get some low pro suspenders?

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Try www.wgcshop.com






I just sold mine about a month ago with pouches :(


Great piece of kit though!


UNcompany has them as well for the same price, but their out of stock. WGC and UN both have them in WC, OD and Tan I believe.

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Thanks for the kind words guys!


And yes I need to tighten that belt. But I'm not going to use suspenders with it as I don't like using them.


And some sort of kitlist:


Oakley SI Assault boots

Oakley SI Assault gloves

TC-2002 w/ ANVIS Mount+LPBP


Paraclete RAV (all pouches are Paraclete)

-3x M4 Doubles

-.45 Quad

-Medium Upright GP Pouch


-Back Panel w/ sewn on pouches


LC-2 Belt

-Belt Pad

-Paraclete Medium GP Pouch

-2x Paraclete Frag Pouch

-Safariland 6004

-Maxpedition rollypolly


BHI Kneepads






E: Oh yeah keyserSOZE nice rigs! Does that Triple M4 have velcro on the back to attach it to the front velcro?

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