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Well, it is no longer allowing me to edit my last post so I will have to post again. I am putting together a Woodland PJ loadout, and need some advice. I am not sure of all this, so help is definitely appreciated:


-M81 Woodland BDU's

-OD TT MAV w/X-Harness

-RG and CB T.A.G. Mag Pouches (already have)

-M4 Variant (I will probably use an HK416 instead)

-Black Jungle Boots

-OD Riggers Belt

-Woodland or OD Camelback/Hydro

-PACA Soft Armor


And a couple of questions:


Do I need a PACA?

Can I use an M81 patrol hat instead of a helmet? (not a big helmet fan)



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You might want the BDU's RAID-modded. I've never seen a patrol hat being used in any of the pics I've ever seen. Some Nomex gloves would be good as well as a Rappeling Harness and a couple big caribiners. A PACA is pretty neccesary, escpecially since the MAV doesn't have any ballistic capabilities.

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^^ I want that.

Somebody help me with a kit list for the guy in the second pic:


MICH 2000 with foliage straps, (?)ABU Helmet cover, Rhino NVG Mount, Tan ESS Goggles (? Profiles ?) (? Glasses ?)




3 Day Assault Pack (ACU)


OD Riggers Belt


Tan Pistol Holster of some kind, can only see the straps


Black Alta Kneepads


Tan Boots

Have we aggreed on what OTV it is? IOTV or the original OTV. I wanna do something like this. Also a agreed kitlist would be good too. Thanks.

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NavyMP posted this a while ago, and I am contemplating building a loadout either like this or one with a TT MAV. I don't have THAT much money to spend so the MAV seems like it could be a better alternative. I am purchasing a G&G SR25, so my loadout will be based upon that.


Here is what I have as a kitlist for that photo, if I got anything wrong, please correct me:


-(Raid-Modded?) DCUs

-Eagle PC in MJK

-SR25 Mag Pouches

-MBITR and Pouch

-Admin Pouch

-Dropleg Holster (What type?)


-Oakley Gloves

-Khaki Rigger's Belt



And what else? Does anyone have any pics of PJ's with SR25's in a woodland setting? Would a TT MAV SR25 setup like the pic DollaBillz posted look PJ (with PACA of course)?






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Just picked this up. PanTac HPC plate carrier. This is the start of a PJ loadout.






I never realised how small these PC were until I got one but I really like it its not huge and uncomfortable like alot of other PC's.

Wow... that is incredibly tiny! What pouches are on there?





Some cool PJ pics I saw:




From right, U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Corey Farr, Staff Sgt. Jeremy Diola and Senior Master Sgt. Michael Fleming exit an HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter during an operational training exercise in Iraq Sept. 19, 2008. The Airmen are all Pararescuemen with the 66th Expeditionary Rescue Squadron. (DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Aaron Allmon, U.S. Air Force/Released)


A couple more pics of the same Airforce PJ's in my previous post:





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