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So finally i had some time to take pics from my latest helmet project...














Protec A-Alpha Half Shell with left side rail,

ANVIS-9 mount,

Surefire Helmet Light with TangoDown Rail Mount,

TAD Gear pouch with Batuca battery case (as NVG counterweight),

MS-2000 Distress Marker,

VHoldr Contour HD camera with VHoldr mount,


IR patches.



Have fun,




And at the end some patriotic snapshot :P


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I 100% finished my MAV for my PJ impression/






-TT MAV 2 piece

-SKT Supressor pouch (holds SF G3)

-TT small radio pouch

-Paraclete CANSOF med pouch

-2X TT AR triple pouch

-TT double AR pouch

-EI double AR pouch

-TT large zippered util pouch

-Camelback thermoback

-Petzl rappeling gloves, Nexus PTT, chemlights, carabiner, etc.



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a rough beginning to my PJ impression. I know I have too many mag pouches but it makes my loadout skirmish-able.






Things i will add eventually:

-CB Pack

-CB One-point sling

-Rappel Harness

-Standard M4 with regular gas block and front sight etc.


Anything else I should add/take away?


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Work In Progress PJ Loadout.


Thanks to Fatal for pointing me in the right direction.


So here it is



I'm waiting on

Clibing Harness

Sordin Cans for PMR Radio

Left Leg Drop leg mag pouches

Right leg Drop Leg Serpa & TM MEU

MOLLE Mag Pouches

EZ Sheers in a PALs loop.

Binning the Holster for an Admin Pouch

Dump Pouch

Bolt Croppers stretched across the back of my Plate Carrior.


Suggestions please

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While I am in no way shape or form a PJ, your impression doesn't scream PJ to me at all. I personally would hold off on buying anything else if you really want to have a cool authentic PJ rig. Look at the pictures in this forum and gather what you would like to go off of. From a member on this forum 13 autumns comments of PJ's can wear what they please as long as it's to get the job done. So you basically have a huge screen to grab gear from.


Instead of asking everyone for their opinion, because most of them are going to be get multicam, so and so chest rig and so and so helmet. Look at the pics and come back with more of what you want. Then the guys who bust a peanut for this stuff can better help you and steer you in the right direction.

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