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@ Heeb


Nice looking gear there Heeb! Is that a FAST sternal IO I see in a picture... I take it you are a paramedic somewhere? Anyway all I can say is that is by far the best gear/kit list I have seen on this thread. I only noticed one thing that I would change/know PJs very seldom use and that is those OPAs. NPAs are the way to go in the field. We don't even use OPAs in the apprentice course, only in the Paramedic course of course.

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NPAs a great, but are contraindicated in major head/facial trauma. I use them all the time at work, but OPAs are more effective at maintaining a BLS airway in the unresponsive patient. I have NPAs in there, their just buried in there. And yes, i have to old FAST IOs. I need to get a proper airway roll and a med pack to organize the meds i have (all OTC of course). The thing people forget when doing a PJ load out is the fact that PJ's are medics. Even if you have no medical kit, at least carry a pack to give the illusion you are carrying it. Otherwise you just look like every other sealcagubberleetsfairsofter out there. thanks for the positive feed back.

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Damn... That photo -really- makes me want ABUs...


Yet another set of uniforms I have no real use for :P

Yeah, Have one they real nice but for camouflage in nordic woods... you're better of taping 100s of chemlights/glowsticks on you hehe...

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