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Thanks for the help guys. The whole wide ranging gear makes it tough to pull of an accurate impression in a sick sort of way lol...




@ Thirteen/Autumns:


1. More accurate the better

2. Tier 2 I guess, doesnt really matter

3. Not necessarily

4. Not particularly


And congrats on graduating! Thats one hell of a feat!





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two CATs

QuickClot bandage



one Hemcon bandage

one Ascherman chest seal / one Bolin chest seal

two petroleum gauze

two 14g caths

two 28fr with lub. jelly NPAs

2 small Israeli compression bandages

4 4x4 gauze

2 compression gauze

2 ace bandages

one 60cc syringe with 28fr NPA (make-shift suction)



basically what I need for life threats to the pt.

found out that wearing CATs on the outside of vests makes the velco *suitcasey* from all the "brown outs"... Just a FYI

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thirteen/autumns - I spot a Paraclete SOF Individual Med pouch and a MBITR pouch, but what are the other pouches that you're running on the HPC?


Everything is BAE Eclipse with the exception of what you named above. Four single magazine / admin / general / three sidearm (one of them for a "leatherman" and the others for magazines or flashlight)

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Work In Progress!


I Borrowed a friends M4 mainly because I haven't received mine yet and it will look pretty similar.








NOTE I don't like CB, and OD blends in better in the environment where I live thus, OD gear.

It's not and exact or close impression of any particular PJ. BTW Medic stuff is in the backpack...

Sorry for crappy Iphone 4 pics...

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Jolly15 - many thanks for that, I knew that I'd seen a pic somewhere of what looked very much like a Crye Field top in use with a familiar face; however I couldn't find it or any reference amongst my others pics.

No problem

Very nice WIP setup there. What are you planning to add?


Thanks man!


I'm gonna add some comms and possibly a harness. I'm still undecided on a vest set up ATM too. I'd like to do a set up like this, but I'm having trouble with the shingle type thing he's using....



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Looks like it. Mine is actually custom made from a cheap EBB HPC. (Selling it soon)


The PC is called Paraclete GACK HPC. Read more about it from here.



Yeah, Eizen is right in everything.

Here are more pics of Paraclete HPC GACK (from my collection) http://img18.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=429020650o.jpg

I would like to ask if anybody has other pics of GACK? (except of those above and "just alone without pouches"). I'm working on my own HPC GACK from standart HPC w/cum. and I still missing some details.

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