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Actually he is a Navy Seal


The caption should be:

A U.S. Air Force joint-terminal attack controller, a U.S. Army Special Forces team leader, and a U.S. Navy SEALs team leader, all with Special Operations Task Force - South, survey the surrounding area during the early morning hours of an operation to impede insurgent activity in northern Khakrez District, March 12, in Kandahar province, Afghanistan. The joint operation, led by the Afghan National Army's 3rd Commando Kandak, yielded 80lbs of homemade explosives, two 107mm rockets, as well as quantities of small arms and ammunitions. Also on the operation was the Khakrez District Chief of Police, Mullah Gul.
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But images like this are hitting the web as supposed AFSOC. There are some issues with this image (I can't remember where I saw the others) but others are more likely AFSOC guys and not SEALs.





On another note what hydro pouch are those guys in PynkPanther's image?

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Hey guys, I'm working on a CCT impression. It's about 1/2 done, but I wanted to see what you thought. No lid on the list, but that will be added when I finish getting the major stuff. How does this sound?


Crye Combat Pants

Crye Field Top

Merrel MOABs

LBT Rigger’s Belt

Oakly Jawbone

Arc’teryx BAC


LBT 6094(MC or tan?)

LBT kangaroo shingle

Mag Pocuhes?



2x EI Smoke grenade pouch MJK

TT PRC 152 pouch coyote

Admin? Others?




TD Grip

Eotech 553




PRC 152 replica

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I finally did GACK for my PJs impression. The base is Paraclete HPC w/ cummerbund what I used before. I tried to do it as the original Paraclete GACK as I could. Only one thing I do differently, I used instead of buckles on the shoulders of para cord. Because a big plastic buckle on shoulder seems to me as ######.








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$15 USD? That's a sodding steal! Congrats. And yes, RG/SG looks much better than any other color with ABUs.


Yeah it is. I found it buried under a bunch of Army combat shirts at a surplus store by Fairchild AFB. I just glanced at the pile and saw a sleeve hanging out, and said to myself "You know, that looks like ABU....", followed by "oh cool, it's an ABS", and finally followed by "HOLY CHRIST BALLS, IT'S 15 DOLLARS". wink.gif

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