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What cest rigs are taboo for PJs? I've seen some MAVs of both types and some TAG rigs. I going PJ (again) but with a chest rig instead of a 6094, because Florida is too hot.

RRVs, MAVs, TAG rigs, 1961s (As, ARs/Gs), and probably some Tyr rigs since AFSOC (including multiple PJ units) have a big contract with them right now. 


More guys are going to be carrying their stuff directly on plate carriers, but those chest rigs are going to most likely be used if someone is going to be using a chest rig. 

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This is almost a necropost but anyway. This is my WIP CCT rig which still needs some bits and bobs in order to be accurate. 




TMC "Assault Plate Carrier", MMAC/6094 whatever.

Homemade Kangaroo pouch

TMC double mag pouch

TMC admin pouch

Weekend warrior canteen pouch

Localy made double pistol mag pouch


2 ztactical PTT's

Ztactical Sordins

Guitar cable for dummy dual comms

2 old Cobra radios I had lying around on each integrated pocket.

Baofeng UVR-5 in double magpouch (you can see it's antenna)


Element CAT

S&W knife (china copy)

Flashlight that it's just hanging there (forgot to remove it for the picture)


I have a ztac prc 152 with a blade antenna on it's way here. I'm debating though if I should add another 152 or a 148 (I read somewhere on this thread about using a 152 and a 148... dunno if it's strictly necessary). 

I'm also debating about getting an H350 handset for second comm channel).

Also on my to do list is getting rid of the canteen pouch and adding a MC utility pouch and getting a dummy garmin foretex... and maybe making myself a dummy IZLID 1000. 




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Update on my loadout. Not sure if I'm missing anything major aside from switching a few pouches which are on their way. Oh, and a helmet which is on it's way as well, but that requires some more work on it's own. Finally got my hands on a couple of PRC152's and a pair of antennas (a blade and a regular). Not sure if I should use two blade antennas since one is already quite uncomfortable. 






I'm gonna post a decent picture of the plate carrier tomorrow. 

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Since you are finding the blade antenna to be uncomfortable to wear I suggest that you move the antenna to another position and to fold the antenna so that it is smaller in over-all size. You can see how I did it in the picture below, and now I barely notice the antenna, though I wont be changing the regular stick antenna to a blade antenna since it would interfere with my sling too much. 




I'm sorry about the lesser picture quality, I took the photo with my old iPhone.


I should have had better pictures of my gear today since my buddies and I were planning on airsofting but I had to stay home due to terrible back pain :(  Perhaps I will take some lame photo-op pictures in my backyard later.

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Sure, but the antenna does not work. Even though I like realism, I am not anal enough about such a detail. I did have it folded in such a way that it wasn't as compact as it is now, more closely copied from how I have seen real antennas being used on the back of plate carriers and it did not disturb me that much, but then I tried to assemble my kit in a new way I chose to fold it as it is now, not thinking of the realistic capabilities of the antenna. Good point nonetheless.


Even when I had my antenna as long as Ravens antenna configuration is now it didn't bother me too much. I was mostly pointing out the position it was placed on my plate carrier compared to his, as mine is completely on the back plate pocket whereas his is on the cummerbund and in the communication/hydration routers on the back plate pocket. I find it much more comfortable to have the antennas mounted only on the plate pocket. 

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I did try to mount the antennas on the back plate but the pals are too tight for the ztac antenna holder to pass through so I just used the cummerbound... at least for now. The other option would be placing the blade antenna on the other side, that way it won't interfere with my sling (which gives some hassle only when slinging back my primary. 


I'm considering a pair of TCI M.A.S.T.s though... that might solve the problem a little, give me more options and add some more value to authenticity. 


On a side note, yesterday I ordered a Suunto M9 to further add some authenticity/useless ###### and a cheapo hand held anemometer just for kicks and giggles (i'm definitely not spending on the real deal one). 


I also received my FAST today, which I fear might be a tad big for my head though :/ And I was so happy with it... I'll probably have to order another one and sell this one. Might add some pics of it later. 


Edit: do any of you happen to know if there are replicas of the 5 pin connectors? I just taped the hell out of them on my 152's but it's still far from ideal so I'd like to get a hold on a pair. 

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