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Been lurking in this thread for a while and decided to finally put a PJ load out together which will be my first real impression (previously just ran gear that suited what I wanted).


I'm going to be going down the Multicam and JPC route, but I have a couple of questions.


What sort of medical pouches are used? Seen TT knocked around but would appreciate an answer.


Also i notice that it was mentioned that SCAR Ls were in use, albeit in small numbers. Would a SCAR L be legit with the JPC idea? As I have a SCAR L I could utilise for this if so rather than needing to buy and build a specific M4.


I've seen pics of PJs are running various medical pouches: TT, BHI, Eagle Industries and Paraclete tending to be the most common I've come across. As for weapons, the Scar L (Mk16) isn't really seen that much since the decision to stop purchasing them - a M4 would be better suited, however I can understand if you wanted to use the Mk16 as that's what you've got.

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Mmmm then you lack on your knowledge bro ;-) Just take a quick look into my gallery... here you go







The last picture I'm not that sure but it should be the same. Then a lot of TC 2001/2002 helmets with this mount... but hey let's keep it on TC 2000 configuration ;-)
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Awesome! I've been thinking about getting a scar h as well for my loadout.


Have you considered getting the updated emerson dummy 152's? Since the cct loadout is so radio based it would be nice if you could have more accurate radios (probably saying this cause I did it lol).



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Day pics of my loadout... this time I went with crappy aor1 though. 


Need to change the L2G05 for an L4G24 either with VAS or Norotos Gen 2. Still debating on whether I should get a 416 or just a block 2 M4. Only then I will decide on which STS I'm working on... on these pics it looks a lot more 24th'ish though. 









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