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What Makes A Good Forum GREAT!

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Since Arnies busy updating the site in a bazillion and one different ways, i was wondering what makes a good forum? obviously arnies is the best airsoft forum in the world. but why? and what could make it better?


thougt it might be a good idea to post this and see what everyone else thinks, put a few idea's forward, maybe things that people havent thought of, and im sure arnie or his selected representitives will have a read through and maybe, just maybe get some new ideas to improve our favourite place. the rep systems gone which is a mix of good and bad, the colour scheme may be changing iirc, and were on the new server which has improved speed and conection reliability


I know the entire Site suggestions section is for exactly this subject, but i though it might be a good idea to slap this up so it will pop up in the new posts area and get this section a little more interest and activity while the overhaul is underway


However i would not like this to turn into another flame off between various forums as could so easily happen, so please dont refer to any other forums... just what, if anything, could be done to improve this one

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right so far things that make for a great forum are




shaven buttsechs with GuzziHero


Ninja's with guitars


and ill add more ceiling cat,


and better fonts (the My controls - view new posts area etc and the forum address ArniesAirsoft forums> Site specific area) could definatly do with a bit of jazzing up. i was thinking about maybe background images, like peoples AK USER banners in their sig. i think that would look cool as long as the background matched the main colour scheme. could make it look a tad 3d too that would be nice


anyone else?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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