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The "Boycott Evike" thread was removed as directed by the Arnie's Airsoft staff for having contained personal information. In the future, please don't include things like phone numbers and other more private things. Also, it really doesn't help to start a thread blasting us when you haven't talked to me yet. Things can be resolved much more quickly if you shoot me a PM, versus asking the opinions of other players. However valuable those opinions maybe, it won't help you get in touch with anyone who can get stuff done for you. So in the future, let me know what your gripe is, and I can help make things right. Any future threads I see stating problems that haven't been addressed with me or go off in the general "Boy\Ban\Bomb\Etc" category will be deleted too. Have a gripe, talk it out with me or some of the other staffers. It's not fair to us for people to blast our reputation without coming to someone who can help.

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Ah, I see you've removed yet more threads regarding some really shoddy service on the part of Evike.


You seem to be developing a bit of a habit for doing that.


Any sensible person would have just editing the posts, but to remove entire threads............? :unsure:


Oh well, if thats the game you want to play.


Note to members: If you've got a problem with Evike, or any retailer for that matter, post it in the sales gone bad thingy thread. Just keep it sensible, concise and adult.

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In the future please edit or lock threads which you have a problem with. People post in this forum with various grievances not only so that they can have their problem resolved, but also to let other members know about their issue with your company.


By deliberately deleting threads which cast your store in a negative light you are practicing the worst form of censorship.


Aside from the retailers review section of the forum, there is no other location where members can discuss past and present difficulties. This area must be left open so that people can post their issues and inform others.


As Creepingfear mentioned above: you are generating a negative image of your company by deleting threads. So editing them or locking they would be a more appropriate action that pretending that they do not exist.


Lastly, if you want people to simply PM you then you need to be available. People posted several threads on this forum which you never addressed. If you can't even be bothered to check a forum which you moderate then how can you be expected to deal with customer service issues in a timely fashion?



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Actually, yeah, I've got one. Why do people wth problems need to email you when it's been stated numerous times in the threads that have been deleted that they have phoned up Evike personally and asked for it to be resolved? Surely any problems could and should be resolved at that stage, which would then mean a decrease in the threads and dislike towards Evike?


It seems to me (personal opinion only) that you're getting people to PM you in order to save face. It's like you know that things go wrong, but you'll only sort it out for the people who *badgeress* and moan and tell others how bad the service was, or how wrong the order was, etc etc.


just my opinion, not the opinion of any of the staff or moderators of Arnies Airsoft, nor every member on the forum.


Any comment Osovega?

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Also, it really doesn't help to start a thread blasting us when you haven't talked to me yet.


Many people who posted here stating poor service also mentioned their extensive journey to get help from your company via emails and even phone calls.


Any future threads I see stating problems that haven't been addressed with me or go off in the general "Boy\Ban\Bomb\Etc" category will be deleted too.


Again, many people have talked to your company numerous times and have even had their issues resolved and THEN come here to post their experiences so other may be warned.


That listed in bold I find only further strengthens the public's view of your company as poor. If you cannot handle negative feelings for your company, then you have no business doing business with the public. I appears people will have to post their legitimate negative feedback of your company elsewhere where you cannot delete at your whim.


Like I said before, to illustrate its significance, people who have posted the "ban/boycott" threads have been customers who have done EVERYTHING (short of merely sending you and you alone a PM on this very forum) to resolve their issues. I have followed these threads for a while and I witnessed many complaints that stated they contacted the company numerous times. I have done business with your site once and I was pleased with the service, I even have a team member who has done business with you once and had the same pleasant experience. But due to what I have read and seen removed from this thread I really feel my money is better invested in another retailer. Take this for what you will, for I am merely telling you that your public image is not good, and your actions of "cleaning house" only further the public's negative view of your company, good luck.

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Figured I'd throw my two cents in here...



I'll never do business with Evike. They are the most unprofessional Company I've ever heard of, 9 times out of 10 I hear nothing but complaints.


for a few examples.


Buddy #1

Ordered a tightbore, it was BENT due to them packaging in a package that was too small and they crammed it in there, would not refund his money.


Ordered some goggles. They came with a broken frame, they resolved this issue, but took 6 weeks.


Ordered a few parts, received a box with a yellow slip informing him the parts were out of stock, but yet, on the site it says available for purchase.


Buddy #2


Orders an "ICS anniversary edition" AEG. Receives it, and later on in the month finds out it is not an ICS anniversary, but just an ICS RIS with a folding stock, and that it has none of the promised upgrades, and all that stuff that comes with the anniversary edition, but yet, he payed full price for the anniversary, and it's very clear on the website that it was supposed to be the anniversary.


He also ordered a tightbore barrel with the ICS. They did not have the correct length in stock, so they took it upon themselves to cut down a longer barrel....and not crown it.

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Unfortunately, what you've described above is typical of Evike.com's service.


I've also had experience with Evike pulling a switcheroo with a gun.


Best thing to do is avoid buying from them and keep spreading the word about their terrible service.

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you guys messed up my semi auto and I just asked you to switch an old spring and you guys refuse to fix it. I gotta Pm from you guys saying that "the guy that fixes problems is in the service right now." Just to let you guys know I live around the San Gabriel area and it is really easy to go to your store to get my bags of bb's and other small things, but since you guys have such bad service I now go to airsoft gi to buy my things even though its a hour drive round trip or more. :waggle: Also I warned at least 10 airsoft buddies of mine to be beware of your store, they have now new aegs bought from airsoft gi.

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Our former technician joined the Marines and we were between techs for a while. Give me your order number and name and I'll let the folks at work know you need a repair. After I get the green light from my boss, you should be able to take your gun in and get it fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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And i'll say again. It shouldn't take the forum presence of a retailer to let his superiors know that theres a problem. I mean, it's all very well, but what about the people that AREN'T on Arnies? how are they going to get their guns fixed, or their orders completed?

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I have ordered from evike myself.


Ordered a Double pack of bb's and a few other things.


i have a game that weekend. the package arrives on thursday. Open the box, and look ma! NO BB's.


Would have been nice, to be told upfront that they were OUT of STOCK on something instead of shipping my package, Without my bbs...


People order things for a reason. they want / need them.


Some need them in a timly fashion.


It is truly sad, that you have to get on a FORUM, to handle a problem with service from a RETAILER. This company needs to be reported to the BBS.


Problems should be dealt with in a timely manner WITH YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE reps...... not on a flippin message board.


I am owner of a state wide Airsoft Site. I am now going to post Sticky topic, to never buy from Evike.


This is despicable guys.....

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You guys have no idea how bad they really are. This is a long one I am sorry I ordered two MP7s. The well R4s. This is a copey and paste of my RMA request in May


This letter is to inform you that today I received the two Well R-4 MP7's that I had ordered. I will need to return one of the MP7's due to a malfunction with the mag release. It is broken off, laying in the bottom of the box. Also, the gun will not fire at all. Will it be possible to get an exchange? The other gun is not getting a good battery connection unless I put a small piece of plastic in the front cap. This will work for now, but do you recommend I return/exchange this one as well? I do need to return the one as it was broken when I opened the box.


Please get back to me at your earliest convenience. Thank you for all the help!


P.S. The second gun is not firing either


I had to send this to them today


sent them back 5/17/07. They got to your shop 5/24/07. I call once a month for FOUR months. I was told something different every time I called. The first time (6/20/07) I was told the guns were in the tech's bench as I was speaking to the guys on the phone and that they would be fixed and out that week. The next month I called (7/23/07) I was told that you guys are waiting for parts for the guns. I was told that since they were new on the market the parts are hard to get. The next time I called (8/28/07) I was told they were on the tech's bench again and they are being fixed and would be out the next day. I got a tracking # the next day.


(9/3/07) I received the guns UPS. I want to point out that they were factory defects and I was not reimbursed ($17 UPS ground) for the for the shipping back to you guys per your policy. The guns were still broken. I can tell you with all certainty that they ere not opened up and fixed. I know this because the one with the broken mag release, the mag release is still broken and in the bottom of the box where I found it the first time. You can't get the mag out. You can not take the gun apart with out taking the mag out. Both guns still don't fire.


I called that day (9/3/07) I spoke with Jordan. He gave me a new RMA# 2468. I was going to send them out that week but I had a family emergency out of town. My father had a heart attack. I had to go to Maryland where I have been for the last month. I am home now and need to send them back. I have one more problem. I was wondering if I can just get the money back for the guns. I bought one for me and one for my friend. My friend in listed in the ARMY while I was gone. He is now gone and has no way of playing airsoft. If I can only get the money back for his I understand but I think the way this whole thing has gone, I don't think that it is to much to ask. I want to point out hat I have not gone on any Message board and flamed you guys like a lot of people. Al though I think I would be justified in doing so that's not how I work. Thank you for your time and sorry for the lone email, James


This is the the email I got backDear Customer,


Your RMA has been denied due to the past warranty period


I wrote back thisAre you people serious? You take my money for product send me broken merchandise take FOUR months to FIX it.Lie to me every time I call. Then tell me it is fixed and send it back to me with out even opening it up. Tell me to send it back you. I had a life emergency. I could not send them back right away. I don/t care if I send them back and they get fixed. I can't believe you guys. I am sure the warranty period was up during the FOUR months you guys had them to be FIXED. This is unreal. James



Dear Customer,


This is not about your family emergency but the case of repaired guns being mishandled by impatient and careless individuals. Our warranty covers manufactured defective items up to 14 days. You bought low-grade airsoft rifle that cannot be handle in this manner. Next time you purchase from evike.com, try to order some better rifles and they will last you a lot longer. You bought these guns in May and had one repair service and it is now october.


My reply



They were not repaired tin the first place. which is easily proven with one of them because the mag release was never fixed. You guys took the four months to get them back to me. They have not been mishandled by me. They never really worked in the first place. One was broken (Mag release) so it never worked. The other one fired 1/2 a mag then didn't work anymore.. How was I impatient and careless. If you are referring to the piece of plastic I used to get the one to work Then I think you are just reaching but I understand you can do that. What is your excuse for the one with the mag release broken in the box when it got here. What is your excuse for telling me they were fixed after you guys had them in your possession ( not mine) for the four months, ANd them send them back to me still broken. I cam tell you with 100% certainty that at least one of the guns was not even open up. If it was then the mag release would have been fixed or it would at least fire when the battery is out in.. Neither is true. I was told to send them bad and given the new RMA # by your employee Don't tell me I already had a repair service . Four months and no repair is not a repair service. If you want to go the route that I broke the one that is understandable, Although I think it wrong. as the guns have never been out of the box other that to put the battery in. Low grade or high grade does not mean ###### if you are going to sell people broken merchandise and then not fix/replace it. The gun with the broken mag release was never handled by me.. How was I impatient and careless I would really like to kniow.


their replyDear Customer,


If I were to buy a product 5 months ago and tried to return it and the company denied my return, I would be upset but it would be totally understandable and rational. I would understand their policies just like other people would understand the policy we go by here at evike.com and any company in general. I understand the guns may be defective, but we repaired it once and never heard any feedback until October 8 about 3 months later.


My reply

I have not heard any thing back yet

That is not true. 1) they were not fixed evident by the fact that the mag release on the one was never fixed, (still laying in the box were it was when I sent them back. 2) call ten mins after I got them back from you guys 9/5/07 and spoke with Jordan ( i did not get his last name) he gave me the new RAM # and told me to send them back. Because they were not fixed. I could not send them back right away because I had to leave town for my father. I just got home and that's why I emailed. if you need to speak with Jordan maybe he will remember the phone call. He also tols me he was so sorry that he would throw some stuff in (bbs or something the like) because you guys took four months to get the guns back to me. They were supposed to be fixed and WERE NOT. Same problem as before. It is one thing to tell me I bought a crappy gun and it broke on me. It is another to sell me broken guns in the first place. Then tell me to send them back, take four months to et them back to me, tell me they are fixed, send them back NOT FIXED. them tell me to send them back again and now tell me you bought a crappy gun deal with it. If you need me to call you guys because you don't understand how this all went down tall me. The reason I have been doing it this way (Email is so I have a paper trail. Something I should have done the first time obviously. This was not a RMA request it was a follow up on the RMA I was already given


To follow up this is the Email I sent today.


Since I have not heard back from your company. I have been left with no choice here. I will be filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, BBB, and possibly the California Attorney Generals office. I would suggest a manager try to contact. Me before go this route. I would also like the name of the person that I have been in contact with in these emails. Jim Blankenship (954) 478-5976




This is what I got back.


Dear Customer,


I have taken the liberty to review your RMA case. Unfortunately, through thorough investigation of this matter we are unable to provide you with a refund or return on the items that you had purchased from us in the past. Please understand that we are trying to do our best to satisfied our numerous customers' demands.


Unreal. I am sure this will be deleted very soon.

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ya, i had the same problem with them telling me to ship an item back for repairs, and then getting the item back just as it had been sent. of course i was charged with the shipping. the entire thing took a few months to settle, and ended with me losing even more money from shipping it.


not only that, but their cutomer service is terrible. they do not respond to emails, and almost never pick up the phone. when they do i hear them shooting and playing around in the background while they tell me my guns repairs are "being handled" <_<


just out of pure curiosity evike.... do you even bother opening the boxes?


i ordered from them 3 times total. the first time was good, but after that it was terrible. they either shipped a broken item or mixed up the order.


watch this thread get deleted and then have them start a new one :P

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