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Bad Traders/Sellers (UK)


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Deal mate on the 13/07/05





Swapped my Guarder aimpoint replica and mount for a digi cam.


Spoke via pm then on MSN. He couldnt find the USB Cable but eventually did in the end so went ahead with the deal.


Both agreed to send Special Delivery Royal mail. Recieved my package all in good nick and all there so i thought.


Digi cam works fine thats great.


Usb cable cool thats fine.


Been sent the drivers via email cool.


Software disk? where? not to be found


So i have no software disk and have no way of using this with my computer very pointless.


Spoke to a few people that i know regarding digi cams need the disk so i have been told to work correctly.


Contacted him on MSN. Never bothered to talk.


Pmed him Numerous times, no reply.


Mailed him to let him know and give him the low down on whats up and what is he gonna do about it and a choice of what he would prefer to do.


But wait, the cam also has a memory card in it as well.


Does it? No.




Not told about this so not best pleased with this and the fact that:


1. I gave him my aimpoint which went as described and agreed to send it special so he could use it at his skirmish (16/07/05) and i have something that is missing stuff.


2. Refuses to at least TRY and sort it


3. Refuses to at least TALK to me.


4. Appologise


Not best pleased.


Either i get the disk which im more concerned about than the memory card or ill expect a full refund or my aimpoint and he gets his cam back.


If your reading this Daniel get it sorted mate ive been dealing on all the other forums for years and know the script so please lets resolve this in an adult manner.




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Hi Jamie,


I have PM' you mate, as my computer has been bust up, for which I DO APOLOGISE as I have just got my PM's and such like (finally)


I would also like to point out that the card that came with it is a dummy card, I told you it had internal memeory but would also work with a card, a small point, but worth mentioning, I never said it came with a card, purely that it would work with one, which I think is standard for cam's of this sort anyways (please correct if wrong). You will also note that this is what came with it becasue it is the manufacturer's dummy.


On the other point I have found the dic, but need you to contact me with your details again mate to get them sent off to you.


I aplogise for the mess around mate, I wouldn't have sent it if I knew you couildn't use it without the disc, hence me sending you the other stuff.


Drop us a message on MSN, or a PM when you get a chance.



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hello everybody

it has just smacked me like a wet fish that i might have been scammed now im not saying that i have but this guy hit5500 said he would sell me his ak47 it had a scratch on it so he was selling it to me for £125. i said ok i sent him the money by paypal on sunday the 16th and he got it and said he would send the parcle on the monday. its been two weeks and i still havent got it and i checked him out and the last time he was active was the 22nd. no e-mails nothing even though i have e-mailed him and pm'ed him. i may be over reacting please tell me what i sould do

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ok thats it the guy hasn't contacted me and i've sent him countless e-mails. i am filing a complaint through paypal. what else can i do?

i really want my money back and i know £125 might not seem like much to some but i'm thirteen and when your that age its hard to make money especially when your only income is £3 an hour in your local shop.

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Months on.


Im still waiting on this Disk from Spider 1982.


Having says it was sent and returned for no signature even though theres always someone in.


He claims its at his and will be posted asap even though that was like a week ago or so.


Im still waiting matey and i will be constantly pm and trying to get a hold of you till i get my disk and SD card since you says youd give me one.


Or ill take further action into getting it.

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marine.joe, complete time waster in my opinion, has no intention of honouring a sale, sold him a Yugoslavian Grenade Launcher recently after lowering it to his asking price, answered all questions to the best of my knowledge, provided several links to the inert grenades that he was after for the item.


Upon asking for his address, twice on ASCUK, and once here on Arnies, hoping to receive an answer on either forum, he responded with 'i said didnt want it ages ago!!!!!!1'. People who have traded with me know I am good to my word, and if I get an answer, I'll take it for what it is.


Upon receiving this attempt at backing out of the sale, I sent a PM to marine.joe telling him not to involve himself with any of my sales or threads again, and left a neg rep as feedback for the experience. After this, I received an abusive PM from said member (unsure as to why, 14 year old boy threatening a 20 year old bloke?). Given up on him now, won't waste my time on him again, maybe someday he'll grow up. Maybe.

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made me pay £20 ( 2nd hand gun ) for a gun that costs £18 new, he lead me to believe it was a higher quality gun in the description, i asked for some money back and he has ignored me since, i also paid him extra to send it SD and he then sent it normal post, idiot


do not deal whatever others may say

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no because i asked for pictures and he said he didnt have any, after checking kwc springers the cheap ones all retail for under £20, he asked for £20 second hand so i presumed obviously it was the proper HGHU version, he said the gun was unsused and the condition is VERY bad, id say it has about 20 scratches all over, the not sending SD annoyed me very much, not only that i had to wait 3 weeks before i recieved the gun after sending him cash SD, so in total i spent £25 for a piece of ^&^(. he hasnt rep pointed me for good service or anything, wat an idiot


heres the thread link




Two Tone KWC Desert Eagle. mint, boxed, real size mag! unused. £20 posted.


honestly wouldnt u think that was the one im on about??


and unused, that is absolutely ridicolous and then MINT!!!


hes an idiot do not deal with him

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I dont think he pays anything for postage, i had mine shipped in a postage paid envelope thing that looks like it came from where his parents work or something. Do you know he's only 13??


He also lied to me aswell. He said the PPK i bought was a KWC model, and 0.5 joules, when it came it was a 3psa model and clearly said 0.2 joules on the box, he also failed to mention it was chrome, i'd assumed it was black seeing as it wasn't mentioned. It turn up quickly though and i never had any problems with that aspect of the deal. I didn't kick up any fuss either seeing as it was only £5 posted.


Im sure i can find you his dads mobile number if you want, i noticed he and his dad posts on airgunbbs.com/forums i'll go look and report back!




Okay i've found his dads mobile number, i wont post it directly on here, but if you want to know, it's in the last post in this thread




I've also saved it incase he tries to edit it (olly13 posts under his dads username on that site)


As for proof thats its really his dad, here's another thread where someone had been waiting a week after sending his payment for a "smython revolver"


http://www.airgunbbs.com/forums/showthread.php?t=91400 2nd post down


Maybe a call to his dad will get you some kinda refund? best of luck mate.

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hmm i dont think he would but i think that an admin on here should have a word or ban him, i might post his adress etc aswell because he will just rejoin under a new name, ive emailed him several times with no reply, it was the biggest con ive ever seen on me aswell :(


thx for the time aswell mate

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I have a feeling that i may have been had by the user sn1per, i bought a marui tac master and spare mag off him for £85 and payed last saturday by paypal, i have since not recived the item through RM special delivery as he said he would send it.


he has not been online since the 4th of december and has not responded to my pm's, he provided pictures of the items he had for sale in his thread,




any idea's?



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is one not to trade or buy from i bought 2 cheap guns from him about

1 month ago and they never arrived, he would not send tracking info

and said they had been lost.

I asked for a refund he said he would paypal it then he was over his limit

so he would send cash and it would be here tuesday

guess what nothing

gave him plenty of chances and said if its not here today i would add

his name here

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