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Bad Traders/Sellers (UK)


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hi has anyone had any bad dealings with oldboy NOT SAYING HE IS A BADTRADER but not been able to get through him to find out the parcel number or the courier he used and its nearly been a month now if he has used rm (the slow barstools) i could understand but if he could only contact me cause im hoping to go skirmishein for the first time next month and i need the batts to do so :unsure:

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I just bought a ICS M4 C15


Link: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...&st=0&p=955175&


Now this advert clearly states upgrades I.e 3000 motor, 325fps etc


What arrived was an older model - 2000 motor, 280fps, nylon brushes etc


now where exacltley do I stand? It's gonna cost me £100 to get it up to the spec it was advertised as.


Please help!! :(

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I've done that.


He says he wont refund me:


I sent -


Hi buddy,


Gun arrived today unfortunatley NOT as advertised.




Super Torque-Up Turbo 3000 Motor - NO, IT'S THE OLD CRAPPY 2000

High Quality Silicone Wiring System - STANDARD

Precision Cut Steel Reinforced Motor Pinion & Bevel Gears - STANDARD

Larger, Re-Designed Hop-Up System - NOPE, OLD VERSION 1

fire's 325fps - LUCKY TO HIT 280fps AS IT IS.

Not to mention the flimsy nylon bushings.


Problem is I ONLY bought this gun under the impression it was the 1J model. I already have a gun that shoots 280fps so I really don't need another. I've spoken with zero one and it's going to cost nearly £100 to get the gun up to the spec you sold it as.


If you could let me know what you can do to rectify the situation I would be grateful.







Response -



ZeroOne sold me this a few months back as its advertised on there site!!! now!


so they sold this under fulse pretence???

sorry Problem never noticed it before and there is nothing i can do now!


how do i know you have not done anything to it urself?




i never accept things back! on UKAS i sold a WA 1911 and the guy sent it back with scratches and the upgraded parts missing!


if ur not happy with it sell it! you wont lose any money

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Avoid this little *beep* like aids, lies and lies and trys to steal

your goods then says he's account has been hacked? the post man stole it,

Then says the address label feel off.

this deal cost me £17 in courier fees ( which i have proof) which im gonna have to go round to his house to beat out of him.

made me look like a fool as this swap was for a mate

i have all the pms he sent me as proof and im gonna take around to his house

and have to show his mum.



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hi m8

shouldnt be sticking my nose in this but , come on the fella he is only young dont get giving him them sorta threats...he made a mistake , ok , i no becuase i live next store...


he said about all the pms and you were very annoyed which is very understandable considering the situation but i think giving a 14 year old beat him up threats is very imature... :waggle:


if its any concilation i will pay the 17 pound corrier charge if it shuts you up , i just fink that its a little harsh coming down on him....BUT ! i can understand were your coming from so ill have words and see if we can get this sorted out so it benefits you more than him for obvious reasons...


but as far as im concerned there will be no , ill go round his house and beat it out of him , becuase to be ohnest ill be there waiting , and his dad is one mean mother ##### matey....i wouldnt advise it he probaly put a sledge hammer threw your forhead lol






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Fair enough,montymat

You make a good point about being immature but i just had enough of his lies and making me look like an *albatross* as this deal was

on behalf of a friend, and the amount of lies he has told me regarding this deal is rather

annoying to.

But i take your point on board and for once i will listen as long as this gets my money refunded, i have no bones about going round to his house dad being a nutter or not

as im in liskard in 2weeks.

So just to please you i will withdraw the offer of a beating if give him a slap for me and tell him to stop trying to rip-off the bigger boys LOL

cheers mate.

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yer no worries buddy ill make him fork up , just when i get it ill pm you , then ill ask for your address and where go from there...


but im glad to sort this out as i no that killer#### is a bit of a liar , i think he aint got a brain at the moment lol..


yer he needs to ummm grow up lol ..will do my best to get sorted..





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thought i would say , that i should be able to send a payment of 17.00 GBP to you in the following week....


i hope this had settled and dun and dusted and pair shaped deal is all i can say , i will have word with killerhunk and i think he really does send his apologies and to clear the air ive asked him to right you a apologiy pm..


i think this should settle things up though buddy , the g36 used to be mine , sad of me to see it go , but can i be ohnest with you , all the stuff he would of , and did say would of been compelte .......well you already no..


on behalf of killerhunk apologies my freind hope you go threw with a deal though ...to counter this one.. :D


kind regards



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It kills me to do this but a while ago i sent beano £150 for a gigant,

he let me have the gigant in advance and a couple of days later i sent him

the money.

About 4 days later i phoned him and asked everything cool he said yep

Then a day or too later he said there was no money in the envalope,

I sent payment SD so he had to sign for it, he also said he had thrown away

the envalope.

I had a witness to prove i had put the money in and as per i wraped it in cardboard

to hide what it was.

To stop any arguments he said i could keep hold of the gun till he had a new

buyer then he would sort me out some cash, he sold the gun i even posted it for him and in return i got nothing.

Last week he was selling a couple of guns and i said i would have one but he said

no i tried to arrange another deal but he wasnt having it and then gave him 3 days to reply and nothing.

Im not saying BEANO stole my money but i am saying he didnt live up to his promise of £50



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ive had a reallybad experience with xerxes i was selling a famas and he put an offer in but so did one of my freinds and that also meant i could hand it over in person which i stated in my ad that id rather do then he turns around and says im iggnorant cause i never took his offer theres just no pleasing some people


p.s he also followed this up with alot of bad languaged emails which i thought was going far to far

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jesus il tell you what, i know its not an individual but guerilla only sent me part of my order on two occasions.


Its not so much the money but it was guns(and ammo)that i needed for a little backyard skirmish and even with order numbers and countless emails, i still, more than 6 months on, don't have what about £50 quid of my hard earnt money should have bought.


O well, all i can say is stay away from anyone that doesnt specialise in airsoft, even if it costs a couple of quid more




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I placed an order with Zeroone


for 2 P90 boxmags (one for me, one for a friend) and a battery last Monday, needing the items for the following Saturday.


By Wednesday i'd heard nothing from ZeroOne so i phoned to see when my order was being sent. The person i spoke to told me the order would be posted that day. I explained that i needed the items by the weekend for a shoot.


Friday arrives, and so does a package from ZeroOne. Opening it, to my surprise i find the battery but only 1 boxmag!


After a lengthy phone call of complaint, and an email too, i've still not been sent the other boxmag or had it explained to me why the person on the phone on Wednesday didn't think to tell me that i wasn't getting my whole order, especially when she knew i needed the stuff quickly.


My email, so far, has been ignored. It seems to me that they'd rather keep the sale and disappoint a customer, rather than lose the sale to a competitor by admitting they didn't have it in stock. I doubt i'll order from Zeroone again unless i recieve some sort of satisfactory response.

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Incredible, you aren't going to believe this, but i just rang Zero One to ask why 5 days have passed and my email of complaint hasn't been acknowledged. Listen carefully now, cos i didn't believe it at first either, and i quote: "The person who deals with our emails is off sick". After my short stunned silence, i asked if they only had one person in the company who could answer emails? The reply was "Yes, that person is the only one with access to the computer". I then asked when my email would be answered, to be told (curtly too) "When the person is well again".


What kind of tin-pot, 2 bit, 3 man show are Zero One running over there. If ONE staff member is off sick, then ALL customer emails are IGNORED until they come back to work!! That could be weeks or months depending on what's wrong with them.


Sorry for the rant, but what the hell kind of operation and customer service is that. Not once did i even get a hint of an apology. It was like i was an annoyance to them.


And to top it off, my boxmag is still not in stock. The rude girl said it'd be in stock in 10-14 days. From when? From today or when it went out of stock last week?


Sorry ZeroOne but you score a big fat zero!

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Zero one are useless!! i ordered some BB's and some gas wednesday morning and said i need it for sunday as im playing and the delivery time is 48 hours. Get a call at about 4-4:40 yesterday saying thay are processing my order. . . WHAT! its taken you 1 ans 1/2 days to get round to processing some BB's and gas!! Well today is 48 hours and i have *beep* all gear. . . looks like thats my sunday ruined!


Cheers zero one you bunch of mugs!

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User stampman007


We entered in to a deal for a P90 with a few extra bits, i got one pic of the P90 along with a few other guns i thought were in his collection...n e ways, the gun in total was guna cost me 120 quid, we sturck out that i was goin to send him 60 via bank transfer hed'd send the gun id honor my part and send the rest of the money.....i thought ok great i finally get a p90 its been nearly 2 weeks sinces i even saw him online...oh hes alrdy got the 1st payment and he told me he was sending the gun next day,....well when i saw him online tht day i asked have you sent the gun yet mate and he went offline....i was like oooook, maybe he never saw me message him and was goin off line, so i waited the next few days.....no package...i thought right ill email him....didnt go so well...not heard n e thing yet, nor have i seen him online, so all of you been warned, i got stiffed outa 60 quid

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