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Bad Traders/Sellers (UK)


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The Dboys SPR I sent you was in perfectly good condition when I posted it to you, as I've said in my PM's to you earlier. I used the gun a week prior and was easily hitting man sized targets at 50-60m due to the new hop rubber and nub I fitted.
Now it's shooting no more than 25ft before the BB drops to the dirt about 5ft right of where you aim.


Instead you just sent me a PM saying "This gun am ######, I want my old one back" without any proof of the guns faults!
I'll send you pics if you like, but from your responses I doubt they will do any good. If you like I'll try and find the name of the guy from the Ambush Christmas game I was talking to yesterday who was there when I tested it for the first time.


You say that the guns isn't preforming well. What performance did you expect exactly?
Better than I stated above and at least what you stated in your sale thread. I also don't expect bolts to slide out of the top rail where they have been stripped.


"This gun am ######, I want my old one back"
If you are going to use quote marks at least make them representitive of my actualy messages to you and not made up ones to try and make me look stupid. At the end of the day I gave you a great rifle and you gave me a lemon I'm not gonna waste anymore time on you and will let others make up there mind whether they want to deal with you in the future.







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