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Pictures of your gear V3.0

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To be fair, I asked almost the exact same question a few weeks ago.  I wanted pictures of an Eagle PC in a certain color in natural lighting just to see how it really looks.  Someone (TheLair, I think) kindly directed me to the wannabe forums.


I didn't get a fraction of the bitching you guys are giving him.



Res, thats because you are a respected member on these forums ;) Unlike some that are just out to cause mental pain.

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Quick queeestion.


Is this too much of a biking helmet to have even a scrap of military legitimacy? Its a ProTec, but the red straps are kind of disgusting.




I just found it and I'd rather use it than buy new headgear.

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I use to get my molle pouches at OPtac, they usually have good stuff, but sometimes not everything is in stock, anyway, go for emdom pouches in multicam, they look great...


I need to get some emdom pouches and a Eagle PC with cummerbound in multicam... :(

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Most of my gear. Doesn't include my BDU's as they'd take up far too much space. Keep in mind the Assault Pack, Webbing, Plate Carrier and one of the Daysacks are completely full. Still loads of stuff out on loan that's missing. And a couple of guns, etc.


Eyewear and headwear.


Also got a couple of draws full of things like Rat packs, and little things like that.


Sorry for the crappy picture, didn't feel like taking it all outside for a better picture :P

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First off it looks about 1,000,000 times better than the first pics you posted a long time ago. One glaring thing that I see that hasn't been mentioned is that you need to sort out your boots/pants cuffs. Blouse them or tuck them in or something, instead of just letting them hang halfway in/out whatever. Other than that looks pretty good.

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