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Pictures of your gear V3.0

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I was just going through some old pics I have and realized I never posted up pics of my Eagle PC and my Paraclete RAV



My old Eagle PC in RG with:

1x TAG Triple M4 mag pouch

1x BHI single M4 mag pouch with lid removed

1x Maxpedition Cocoon Pouch

2x DBT med utility pouches

1x TT Small utility pouch

1x TAG enhanced double mag pouch

1x TT knife pouch

1x BHI med kit (on back)

1x Issue BOK (on back)

2x Paraclete Med utilities (on back)


And since I dont have any pics of my RAV by its self here is one of me wearing it:


Sorry for the really bad pic of the RAV. I think its the only one I have that shows the vest.

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Dude your gear looks so good. Any chance of a kit list? Also what MICH are you using? I'm looking for a good replica and yours looks awesome.


Thanks. :)


Let's see....


1st Line:

Duty Belt

Safariland 6004 P226

TAG Dump Pouch

DBT Leg Rig

TAG Triple pistol mag Pouch

MLCS Double M4 pouch

BHI Flash Bang Pouches


2nd Line:

Eagle Plate Carrier with CB

PACA Low Vis

BlueForceGear Mod Sling

MAP Pack

DBT Breaching Tool Holder

MBITR Radio Pouch

MLCS Tripple M4 Pouch

MLCS Single x2 M4 Pouch

MLCS Flash Bang Pouches

Emdom BOMB


The MICH is a 2002 OLKA. Hope that Helps. :D

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Well, the Denali is actually very big, two times a normal chest rig, so you can pack quite alot of stuff...


I Have mine full, i carry 12 m4 magazines, 4 granades, 4 pistol magazines, gps, radio, maps, 1 1,5l canteen, extras such as first aid kit, tools, binoculars, and more stuff i you can't even imagine.


It does look big on me, but Denali's looks big on everyone, except for big big guys.


So far i haven't tried yet on a game, so i can't really make a light review, but first impresion is excelent.


Built materials are top noch, a bit too heavy if you have it full of stuff, and a little too bulcky.


When i play with it, i am gonna take some pics and try to make a review of my impresions with the Denali.

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Working on a Iraq gear with the goodold 6-color desert camo the US army gave to Iraq.




Maybe not 100% correct but iive seen alot pics whith difrent boots and vests so i dont think it matter so much aslong as the vest is green or woodland :P




I have sofar


Propper 6-color desert uniform

G-Tech HSG Commander vest

KA kneepads BK

Fostex boots

Inokatsu AIMS with AKM handguard and guarder 7.62x39 bakelite kit (altho only one bakelitemag so it will be the poser mag XD)

Inokatsu AKM (when i play outside)


Got the PASGT helmet today and waiting for the helmet 6-color cover to come tomorow.



Heres some pics i got some of my inspiration from.




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Thx^^ ill probobly have the full gear by tomorow :)


ill maybe get some glasses to have on the helmet when i can afford it.

Just to let you know, the goggles that you would want for your impression are US Issue Sun Wind and Dust goggles. They are not rated for any kind of ballistics and I would not recommend them for playing in any kind of airsoft game. Just letting you know in case you didnt already know.

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New BDUs to go with my new holster, and this time, I'm flying team colors: :D



I know the MARPATs are quite fadded. Here is a compairison:


Ooo. They don't look that fadded in real life..

Sunshades are only because this is the internet.

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