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Pictures of your gear V3.0

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Here is one of my secret vests.



It is a very rare vest.



As worn by US Special Forces in the southern Philippines around 2002-2004.



The guy's wearing a woodland chest rig between the SPEAR BALCS and this particular vest.



He has one of the detachable backpacks in the back.



The rest of his gang.

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Holy schnickeys! I actually have a piece of gear that Mercy doesn't have yet!?!?!? That's a first. Yah, I used to use a Eagle universal drop leg system... Sucked so badly. Finally invested in a Safariland for my Mk.23. Draw is sick, comfortable as all Hell. The DE colour is perfect for all my cammies. Overall sick t!tties. I'll post up some pics as soon as the rest of my goodies come ;)

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