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Pictures of your gear V3.0

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Finally broke down and bought myself a Eagle Molle Plate Carrier with Cummerbund. Great piece of kit.

I'll get pictures later of all my pouches and kit. At one time I was going to get it in multicam, but I did not want airsoftpat

for a carrier. Also did not want to spend more money on pouches. I'm not made of money <_<





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Finally someone else has one in Man Size, lol.


Hoping to get some new bits for mine for Giftmas. Pretty sweet bit of kit.



LOL cheers mate, its a shame that im not man size ;)

They are a very good bit of kit, I want to replace all my pouches with the real deal Eagle pouches.

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2 of my main kits that I use most of the time.






Eagle CIRAS in CB and Eagle RRS-V with rear PC with Cummerbund in RG. All pouches are from Eagle except for the SO Tech CIMP on the CIRAS and the SDS canteen pouch in woodland. RG PACA soft armor carrier under the RRS-V.


Those are absolutely *fruitcage* amazing! Awesome kit sir.



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HI to every on that has post on this topic .

i havent posted much on arnies and i must say it must have been the best read ive had i a long time .


top pics and comments and good to see people from other country's doing airsoft and the kit they use and the pride they take .


well done to all

keep it going well impressed .

ive put a pic of my team (BLACKMAFIA)this was taken at specops fight club bloxworth woods

most of us have the BRITISH camo dpm

and weapons range from m249 /m16 /m4 /sa80 etc

full P L CE webbing /combat vests /chest rigs .bowman headsets and pmr radios and the list goes on .




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