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post-2628-1114833853_thumb.jpg pic tossed together in like 20 seconds and taken with my "bad" (2.1mp) camera. Ill toss some better ones together later an use tha good cam an acctually take time to set em up.


Thats not too bad considering you just 'tossed it together in like 20 seconds'. What is usually better is if you don't try to set it up too much otherwise it looks bad, but if you just throw the stuff down and just get the lighting right, it is usually a better picture.



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Hmmm, that picture is a good set up - personally i spend a lot of time setting up - i don't think the key is not to care but rather not to put to much stuff in


ok this is going to sound sad but Giorgio Armani says the three key features to are good design, simple design and functionality and something else



a lot of my pictures are simple - check out the revolver on the previous page - simple and effective



the major point is lighting and keeping the camera steady


but don't put too much stuff in - bring a whole load of things to put in the pic but don't put them all in - mix and match and try and make the set up seem natural - overlaps and creases




anyway - i got a new camera wahey!!!!!!!! Canon 350D SLR for those of you who know the camera world


anyway keep the pics coming


it was a gd pic btw :) - just concentrate more on the quality of the shot ;)

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I had a thing for the smaller magazines they just looked better to me :)


But that was a different picture you mentioned. Same set-up and all, but I took it with a different camera like a year ago. This one is only a few weeks old. Leica lenses make for very characteristic pictures.


too bad film is so expensive to develop and scan these days otherwise Id have more up.

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OK heres mine taken at fire fight dover


http://img213.echo.cx/my.php?image=thebunker7kn.jpg the original




didn't take much work to do but i like the pics

whoops just copy the links and paste them in the address bar

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