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Artistic Airsoft

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Here's my attempt. :P

Thing is... my tact light wasn't on (o.0


edit: another picture I have here on my laptop.


:( sowwy, that's probably best I can do for this thread. :D

Can anyone tell what's missing in the pic? --and how I can fix that w/out making my wallet grow wings and fly away? :unsure:

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FarEast: as ever; awesome. I have only a digicam, so I don't think getting long exposures like yours are possible but hey, very nicely set-up too, once again.


all the pics i take are done using a digital camera without flash. The camera will keep it's eye open longer due to no flash and by putting it on a tripod will remove all camera shake.

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I haven't editted this picture at all, other than resizing. It was taken of me today and is easily my favorite airsoft picture of myself. :)




I'm going on vacation for 8 days now, but maybe when I come back I'll have time to mess around with that picture in photoshop. :D

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Your a damn genius, I'll give it a shot (ha ha ha) :D


Don't over expose yourself old chap, wouldn't want you to have to mop that thin film of sweat off your brow. And don't be so negative, your photos are....*


*Dear reader,

At this point, the author ran out of puns to do with photography. Help would be appreciated. Many thanks

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That was an impressive pun run there, but I find myself unable to assist your little scheme. Instead I shall say:Silentcope - sweet pictures, once again ;) This thread shouldn't die yet, I concur


thegunrunner: so someone actually has a Browning hi-power, assuming it's the tanaka version (i.e. airsoft not a PFC/ model) how does it shoot?


I was on the verge of getting one but I crumbled and am about to get the 8mm CZ75 instead...

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