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Artistic Airsoft

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Not meaning to be rude but WTF does a shot V8 can have to do with being artistic...by far the least artistic photos Ive seen in this thread and a waste of server space. It would be different if the photos had some artistic qualities..but as they stand the photos are awful and ugly.






1. Of or relating to art or artists: the artistic community.

2. Sensitive to or appreciative of art or beauty: an artistic temperament.

3. Showing imagination and skill: an artistic design.


A lot of these pictures, sure, they're not gonna revolutionize the art world, but the third definition, "Showing imagination and skill", applies to most of them.

And more to the point, who cares if it's not amazing? People can't be expected to come out with works of art all the time, if they're getting involved, then give creative criticism to help improve, instead of declaring them "a waste of server space".



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Thanks minnoq, thats how I meant it. Well, it was more a joke on being imaginative. I didn't mean it seriously, it was a joke metaphor.


Plus, shooting v8 cans is quite the bit of fun, and I couldn't think of anywhere else to put them.


haha, anywhooooo, on with the real artists again

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Thanks dudes


Yeah I photoshoped the *beep* out of this one too, but I guess photoshop is no different than a paintbrush or a camera lens when you think about it.



I did the best I could to make such an ugly gun look okay :P


How dare you! That is pure sex right there, makes me want a P90 reallly bad.

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My Old Glock 17 & 18C (bro's now).

I'll do some more once my I'v made my Silverballer & my M9 comes.

There are some more better ones but Imagechack wont let me upload them



Use tinypic if imageshack doesn't like you

Link: http://www.tinypic.com



Hey, your Glock is bleeding...


... :unsure:



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