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Artistic Airsoft

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Thats what I meant; whether you had drawn both elements from memory or taken it from life i.e. copying the pictures.


If you'd done both from memory I would be IMPRESSED, nonetheless I can't draw from life for toffee, so fair play, well done :)


I hear you on the big shed of guns as well; Hitman 2 and Contracts are responsible for pretty much my entire collection :D :D :D Now BM is out I have to have an MP7 that I didn't want before, and a few others... ;)

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Dunno if this counts but what the hell :P


M24 with.. erm.. tactical flash hider. Mk23 on the floor just underneath it.


I've actually got a folder on my computer called 'Artistic Airsoft', with loads of laser effect pictures, using the positioning of the camera to turn out different results, quite nice actually.


Ya darned hippy, just kidding flower power ftw! :D

Good work.

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