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Army Armament R85 (L85A1)

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Just had a thought maybe some of the more experienced guys may be able to answer....


If i add say 4mm of additional plastic above the catch hole on a m16/m4 mag so that it will work in this gun, will they still fit in my tm m4?


I know fareast said if you bend the sides on the metal ones out a little they still fit in his m16 so would this be the same?


I dont want seperate mags for each gun (except when i have to) and most midcaps ive found are plastic and the metal ones only avilable singularly or very expensive....


idealy id buy boxes of these http://www.airsoftarmoury.co.uk/product_in...020c90ee0eb4efc


but the G&P ones are the only metal ones ive seen

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it was obviously dropped to sub 1j so Fareast could get it into japan.

lets hope they still hold up firing at 340 :)


Fareast: any idea if its got a standard or tight bore barrel fitted ???


From the sounds of it then, this is a very decent gun. Is there any reason at all now to buy a G&G or Star version over this ? I'm struggling to find any reason other than the realistic trademarks.

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k ok my bad id just brought a m14 and ordered a box of those....


these are what im looking to use in my m4 and the sa80 http://www.airsoftarmoury.co.uk/product_in...020c90ee0eb4efc


so my question stands.... if i glue 4mm of plastic above the catch hole (so they work in the sa80) will they still fit in my m4?

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Man im like a little kind in a candy store...... its like this one time in amsterdam....


nehoo im psyched about this now - my m4 is totaly ruined due to a friend's pole vaulting incident yesterday so i cant wait till monday when keith from RSOV sends the paypal notifications out for shipping....


still im gonnna need mags......

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looks like the R85 os going to be delayed :(

just got this from the RSOV website.


- We would like to say sorry to those who have placed email pre-order to rsov.com a while back..... The ARMY R85s delivery from the factory has been delayed and we will call theem again to re-confirm the delivery and keep you posted on the status. As we have received hundreds of pre-orders so issue of individual paypal invoice to buyers is near impossible ... Instead we will send you an email with total amount and payment details and we will ship then with tracking no according to your instructions in the paypal comments area. You will know how it works when you received the email :-)

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Well had it out for a skirmish today at Section 8. The battery lasted the whole day (about 3k worth of rounds). I can only sum up that it's a fantastic rifle. Reasonable rate of fire, possibly a little lower than the usual. Everyone seemed to be well impressed with it. The range seemed very good probably largely to do with the 340 fps. Tried also with ICS high caps which worked perfectly and plastic mid caps which clicked in well. The mag well is damned tight but does seem to get easier to use. Didn't have the mag drop out of me once throughout the day either :)


In short, it's heavy but very well balanced and extremely nice to skirmish with.



Land Warrior Airsoft

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Just read on RSOV.com that the units have been delayed! I think I am going to cry... (or maby not!!)


Without having to trawl back through all the pages of this thread does anybody know what UK resellers are stocking the R85? Many thanks,



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i emailed action hobbies and got the following reply.


we have them on order and will have our sample within a week. we are going to do a special pre-order on them of 99.99 for the first 100 units when we put them up, approx delivery date is end july / beging of august, the reason it is far off is that we have 500 units on order and production time for that amount is almost a month on them, production starts mid june

i can email you when i get the sample and pre-order set on the website


If there is anything else we can do to help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Judging by my familiar-ness with the dimensions of a battery, a normal mini should fit in there. That+a $5 adaptor might not be a bad way to power it, though I question how long it would last.


really depends on which mini battery you use, the old sanyo ni-cad 600 miliamp minis won't last more than a few hicaps, but the intellect ni-mh 1400 miliamp mini pack that I have just refuses to run out of juice... 20amp discharge rate too which is fantastic, I've also used a Elite 1500mah mini pack that came out recently, seemed to be great but don't think it's that much better than my Intellect. If the R85 is running at slightly above forum FPS limits, then an intellect mini should have no problem whatsoever powering the unit, in fact, I would wager that the intellect mini will last longer than the mfg. supplied 8.4v 1500 mah sub-c ni-cad pack.

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