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No, it's not.

Go into Photoshop, select the font as Times New Roman, size as 72pt and type an apostrophe. It will come out that way.

Quote marks go the other way.

Apostrophes are sixes, quotes are nines.


Don't argue with the Grammar Nazis, we will exterminate all written proof of your existence.




That woman in the picture typed "witch car shoul'd I by" on a car forum and we cut her thumbs off.

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I'm stopping this right now.


Foot Ball.

Sports that use feet and balls are all football.


UK football is "Association Football" (hence soccer)

US football is "Gridiron Football"

Aussie football is "Australian rules football"

Rugby is properly called "Rugby Football"


There is also Gaelic football and a bunch of others.

Lets not be so arrogant as to assume that our football (which is played by a bunch of dive-taking shampoo advert making pansies) is the only football in the world.

Also, let us not berate out colonial cousins for calling it Soccer when that is it's correct name.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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