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quakenet blocking asia pacific

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anybody know how to get around that?

i mean before it was fine... and i know darklite managed to get on there every now and then...


but this is the message i get on chatzilla:

[INFO]    Network view for “irc.quakenet.org” opened.
    [INFO]    Attempting to connect to “irc.quakenet.org”. Use /cancel to abort.
    [INFO]    Connecting to irc://irc.quakenet.org/ (irc://irc.quakenet.org/)...
    ===    *** Looking up your hostname
    ===    *** Checking Ident
    ===    *** Found your hostname
    ===    *** No ident response
    ===    No hosts from Asia-pacific on this server, thanks..
    [ERROR]    Closing Link: Ninj0rz by port80a.se.quakenet.org (K-lined)
    [ERROR]    Connection to irc://irc.quakenet.org/ (irc://irc.quakenet.org/) closed. Reconnecting in 15 seconds.


on java client on the forums... it's same thing apart from the

===    No hosts from Asia-pacific on this server, thanks..



anybody know how i can lol on irc bypassing that quakenet's homgz he are cheinse k barrier?

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Try this list of servers on quakenet Jim , best try the yankee ones first, connect to the servers rather than irc.quakenet.org or type "/server example.quakenet.org"*.


Some servers limit the geographic areas that they accept connections from because generally if you try to connect from very far away you get a slow, laggy connection. However the irc.quakenet domain redirects to the first server that returns a ping, which would sorta suggest that you'd have a better connection although not always the case.



*The first person to post saying they get time-outs from example.quakenet will be flayed alive and rolled in salt.

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cheers caz i'll give texas a go on that :P

that seems to be the closest geographical one on the list in the us.





[ERROR] Connection to irc://netfire.tx.us.quakenet.org:[6667]/ (irc://netfire.tx.us.quakenet.org:[6667]/) refused.

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