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Classic Army G3A3 or "M41 Sportmatch SG" review


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I'm tore between buying a CA G3A3 or CA AUG A1 for my next rifle. I already own a G3SG/1 - a custom job using the TM model as basis with various internal and external enhancements. If I buy the G3A3, I would be able to share magazines/batteries/parts with my other G3. However, I have reservations about buying a CA model fresh to the market - I've heard that first-batch CA guns are always plagued by internal problems. Is my fear unfounded? Also, the trademarks on the G3A3... are they engraved or are they simply painted on? If the former is true, are there any kind of paint that could eliminate them without leaving an obvious trace?

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Ah. Damn. I forgot. Sorry.


The TM G3SG/1 is credited with having an extremely robust and effective HOP-up system. Does the CA G3 line reflect this? If the CA G3A4 is reliable, consistant, and accurate, I would buy one. My existing G3SG/1 could take care of the long-range work, while the G3A4 would be used for CQB without sacrificing anything other than battery capacity.


One more thing - I've heard that CA's foregrip wiring isn't as tidy as TM's. Is this true? If so, does it affect reliability? The last thing I want is to rush into a room of angry hostiles, raise my rifle, and have it not fire.


Thanks for any help.

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really I'm expecting the performance to be like any stock CA gun, I mean not the CA guns that have horrible compression out of the box (least I hope not), so it should shoot like any AEG, ideal engagement range at around 100 feet, top out at 120-130 feet.


but like I said, I'll post my in game findings Monday.

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used it yesterday at a game, I wasn't really surprised by anything the gun did.


-Range is decent with the hop set in, as with all AEGs, ideal range is about 100 feet and tops out at about 130 feet.


-Shot about 320 fps with .2s, rate of fire was impressive with a 9.6v battery (again gun is still stock so not surprised)


-The lightweight of the gun came in handy, as we had to walk a bit to get to the gaming area, and was very manuverable in game, despite it being such a large rifle.


-I was the only one at the game with a G3A3 :D


Overall, not a bad rifle, I think a TM hop bucking would improve the range some, other than that, it's quite a looker.

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All in all is it a good aeg or not?


The CA I converted was great, it has a nice fit and finish to it. I haven't fired it, but I imagine it shoots as well as any other CA out of the box. I never cared to the stock furniture but it was solid and correct for the model I suppose.


I like the fact it has pins instead of screws to take it down with, and the fire select isn't craptastic like the Marui.


Overall; I give it a 8/10... I haven't played with it, so I can't really rate it accurately but, I like it.

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I got mine back in early June (bout 7 days after the OP) and it's great. I think I might have burned out trigger contacts though, so that kind of stinks. Other than that, the gun has zero creak, feels like it's bullet proof, and has the best take down I have ever used with an AEG. I think I'm going to need a 9.6V battery to use it as a DMR. (shorter trigger lag)


The gun is about 8 and a half pounds, and shoots great. With my nice bb's, I'm getting single shot kills at 40 meters at least. The gun also blends in with my playing field, so that's a huge bonus.





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