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MP7 coming to Britain


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yeah. was on the news the other day as well. About the police getting a load of MP7s.


but i prefer if the British tried to make something original once more, like they used to. I mean they got sniper rifles and stuff, so why can't they make something for the rest of the army?

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but i prefer if the British tried to make something original once more, like they used to. I mean they got sniper rifles and stuff, so why can't they make something for the rest of the army?


Hm the latest attempts in this weren't really succeful (SA-80&Co.) and then H&K was called to do it right... so why not buy a H&K right from start ?





Here's alittle article:



2nd March

Ministry Of Defence Police To Get New Specialised Firearm


The Ministry of Defence has procured a new weapon for the Ministry of Defence Police force, making them better equipped than ever for the important role they play.


A £3.4 million contract will see more than 1,500 Heckler & Koch MP7 firearms delivered to MoD Police, who provide armed security for military installations across the country, including the guarding of Britain's nuclear deterrent.


Ministry of Defence Police Officers are currently equipped with the 9mm Browning Pistol and the military-issue SA80. The SA80, a battle-proven military assault rifle, is not ideally suited for use by MoD police who are deployed in defence environments in the UK.


The pistol, which has been in service since 1979, becomes less accurate at long range and cannot defeat today's latest body armour.


Defence Minister Ivor Caplin MP said: " It is essential that these officers, who police everything from residential camps to our sensitive research and development centres, are equipped with the most suitable firearm for their jobs.


"The team at the Defence Procurement Agency carried out an exhaustive series of tests before this weapon was selected, and the MP7 proved to be the very best available.


"What's more, an innovative approach to this procurement, which sees the UK Division of Heckler & Koch look after weapon support and logistics, is estimated to save around £250,000 a year until 2008 - another example of 'smart' procurement.


"Indeed, this project has been so successful that other UK Police Constabularies have been paying close attention to our results, with a view to possibly using them to inform their own future firearm procurement decisions."


Tests proved that the new firearm can penetrate body armour, yet the round will not 'overpenetrate' causing a danger to bystanders. It is also light, easily maintained and simple to use and, after training, will be delivered to Ministry of Defence Police Officers across the country, replacing both the Browning pistol and the SA80.


The project is scheduled to achieve its In Service Date (ISD) in April - two months ahead of the estimated timing.


The MP7 is manufactured by Heckler and Koch of Germany. The weapon specific 4.6mm ammunition will be provided by UK manufacturer Royal Ordnance Radway Green.


The 'smart' nature of this project will see weapons remain under manufacturer warranty for ten years - a first within small arms procurement. The exact history of each weapon will be tracked and monitored. The expected service life is 15 years.


More than 1,500 systems are being procured. Final delivery from the manufacturer will be made in June 2005.


The Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) is the MOD's own dedicated civil Police Force of around 3,800 officers, all of them having full Constabulary powers.


They provide armed security, uniformed policing and investigation of serious crime at MOD establishments and units throughout the United Kingdom.


As a condition of service every officer is weapons-trained and at any one time 70 per cent of MDP officers on duty carry arms, either pistols or rifles. These are deployed at around 100 MOD sites where an armed security capability is required.

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Next step: all Police Officers to be renamed 'Enforcers'. The government is to be rename d the Combine. All citizens should report to their nearest town / city hall for immediate biometric registration.... :rolleyes:

There to have cybernetic parts implanted, to make them better than before, to fulfill their ultimate purpose - to join the Marlowe Collective....



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I think id personally say keep the L85A2s seeing as we finally made them one of the best weapons in the world....eventually.



What about a little competition? I will try to make a Porsche out of a tractor - I bet i'll finish earlier :P


See you in 2786 A.D. :D

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well seeing as its taken the L85 20 years to become a good reliable all weather combat weapon whereas its taken the M16 since 1960 odd till...? to become a good weapon i dont think thats bad going personally. I have actually used and fired them while not ill admit in combat conditions (where the A2s have been proven to perform well unlike all the G36s that everyone wants to talk about) i have enjoyed the rifle and it has certainly worked for me

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I think you got it a tad mixed up. The L85a2 is not a all weather condition weapon. Yes it has low recoil. But the gun itself sucks really. It doesn't like being to warm, nor to cold and all the holes in it get's it blocked easily

because it let's in dirt. I really think you mean the G36 since it is like 100000 better than the l85a2.

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However the L85A2 is is far more accurate and performs far better against body armour than any 5.56 rifle using NATO ammunition.


And myself and anyone I've ever spoken to have the opinion that the L85 is an excellent weapon.


Yes you get stoppages, but every weapon will have stoppages.


Don't forget other than the shape the A2 is not the same weapon as the A1.

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