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Rare, Unique and/or Discontinued Airsoft Weaponry

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Almost makes me want to use my university loan on a CNC machine.


However that would involve trying to learn how to use it!


But the magic of Candyman is not in the machining. .his WA2000 was done without any machining. . hacksaw, drillpress, files and alot of patience.


that is craftsmanship!!!


If I was still a student, I'd have the time to build alot of airsoft from scratch just like Candyman. . .but man..a wife and 21 month old, another on the way. . and mortgage now. .just no time for custom work.

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:( Yuck, I like HBCs more. I hae plastic slides too though  :(


HBC's and everyone else's V10 is nowhere as rare as this. . let alone custom. Those are modern SCW kits. . .btw. .. I have those V10 kits also. .


This MGC V10 is MAGNA. . when have you seen a MAGNA 1911 COMPACT, let alone full metal one?


I challenge anyone else to post a rarer magna based compact 1911 up!


also. . if you're saying yuck also because of the condition it's in. . my gun is a skirmisher and over 10 yrs old. . .not a display item.

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ZEKE (receiver/trigger guarder) based Maruzen M1100 Defender I w/ Remington 870 LEO (law enforcement only) top folder:


search how rare it is to have the Remington LEO stock. . you can only get aftermarkets by ATI and others.


also, the ZEKE M1100 receiver/trigger guarder. . .usually sold separately





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Custom KSC Glock 17C:


1st release KSC G17 based, full Glock trades, ZEKE metal slide/barrel


Custom machining (by me)


FYI. .there have been about 5 different releases of G17s by KSC alone, not incl. the KWA variants.






Custom KSC Glock 17 Assassin:


1st release KSC G17, full Glock trades, ZEKE metal slide/barrel


Guarder threaded barrel, Guarder suppressor


Custom shaved front/rear sights









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old school. .. M4 Longbow. . .anyone remember these?




Custom Bushmaster/Les Baer Match rifle:


Limited Systema Bushmaster receiver


Les Baer RIS




Custom AR10 Match:


Custom machined AR10 front end. .machined exclusively for me from an airsoft gunsmith in Hong Kong.




Custom Dark Knight's SR16:


Dark Knight kit is pretty rare now, no?


Right M16 Sniper stock. . pretty rare. ..



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for you GBB and LEON (aka The Professional) NUTS:


The Cleaner's gun case:


(Pachmayer range case)




also pictured: KSC M93R FULL METAL( ZEKE frame, slide, barrel)


MGC Smith & Wesson M945 NBB


MGC HW Caspian Weigand Custom IPSC gun






REAR of case:


also pictured: Maruzen M11 FULL METAL (Mosquito Molds receivers, OK metal threaded barrel)





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Very nice collection you have there the cleaner; especially the compact 1911's :) .


I'm not sure if any of mine really count as 'rare' because you can still buy them.... but hey might as well ###### them around anyway ;) .


Ultra CDP II with Kimber custom shop grips:




Springfield Micro Compact:




Tanaka P229 with painted slide and SAS grips:



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ah yes. .forgot about my TMP


1 of 4 owned, owned 3x SFL stocks, 3x TMPs, 1x SPP.


21 mags (down to 12)


KSC TMP non-HK, silencer, scope mount, silencer:




pictured is the SFL stock which is a dark gray color. .the KSC "SFL" stock is black.

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original Tanio Koba USP Comp I:


Custom CNC machined metal slide

Custom CNC steel outer barrel & breech

Custom Koba steel COMP I kit

Custom ext Koba inner barrel

upgraded recoil and hammer springs

60 rnd hicap mag , red gas capable

Koba USP scope mount


never got to own the tactical (full auto) unit. .








NOT MINE, but thought I'd show:







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I have his address. Let me check my email from a few years back.


RSP1 Posted Today, 03:36 PM

  Who's with me for a torches-and-pitchforks raid on The Cleaner's house? 


LOL. . come on over. .I'll SHOW you my steel collection too. . yeah that's it.. show. . .


Hey. .blame Vic(tory) for starting the thread. . .

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