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Classic Army M15A4 RIS Carbine (2007 version)


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Ok here we go. The new CA M15A4 RIS Carbine.




I ordered it from Rick's Airsoft Armory on Wednesday June 13, 2007. I got it on Wednesday June 20, 2007. Pretty good time given it had to go cross-country to get to me.



How I got it.



Cracking the case.


The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was of course the gun. Which is a very nice matte black, with white Armalite trades. Hefting it out of the box I was surprized at the weight. It is around 9-10 lbs from what I can tell with all the goodies mounted on it. So lets start this look over front to back.




The flashhider is very nice and as you can see there still is the orange tip as of the writing of this review. The dull silver crush washer does give the front end alittle bit of character. The barrel is very nice, one solid peice of metal. The front sight is metal and better made than my real DPMS Carbine's front sight.




The R.I.S. system is the main draw of this gun. It is solid metal, it comes with a vertical front grip, two plastic rail covers, and a PEQ box. The PEQ box is in itself a plus and a minus. Plus is that it is fairly solid and looks to be about the same size as the real thing. The minus is that with the raised upper rail (to releive the problem of older M15's rails not lining up) you will not be able to see the front sight through the rear sight. Although after about 1000 rounds I have gotten used to it and am learning to aim with the small bit of the front sight you can see.




The body is very solid, no creaks. Unlike my past M15 the body is matte black and no sign of chipping. The paint is evenly applied and looks very nice. The trademarks are white, but almost a silver. Depending on the light.




The pistol grip is the same plastic/fiber material as always, and feels VERY nice. The high-cap magazine is nothing special, but theres nothing bad about it. After about 1000 rounds through it I have had no misfires or problems.





The retractable stock is something new for Classic Army. They have always had the older style CAR stock but never the LE style stock. It behaves like any other stock, but is made of the plastic that I so love. It feels exactly like the real thing. The stock tube is metal and solid. The real surprize is on the right side of the stock.




It wasnt until I started taking pictures for this review that I noticed this. It states CLASSIC ARMY TACTICAL RETRACTABLE SYSTEM. This is alittle thing likely to go unnoticed, but when you do notice it you smile and think that it gives your stock just alittle bit more character and seem more legit.


Continued in next post.

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The PEQ box holds a small battery. My 9.6v 1400mAh battery fits very easily into it. If it were about 2mm wider I could fit my second one in there and eliminate the rattle from the battery alltogether.


So once my battery charged I loaded up the high-cap magazine and took it out to set the hop-up and get in on some of the full-auto fun time. The hop-up is finicky as with all CA M15s. Once you do find the "sweet-spot" it stays there very firmly. No worries about it backing out on you. The range on mine is about 120-150 feet depending on the wind.


I dont have a chronograph but I did the Coke-can test. Through this test I put the power at 330-310. Fairly decent power for the work I will be putting it through.



-Full Metal

-RIS System

-LE Style stock

-Awesome CA plastic

-PEQ box

-Good accuracy and range




-PEQ Box (have to raise the front sight all the way up to see it)

-RIS System (the top rail is higher than the rest)

-Finicky Hop-up


Overall this is a very nice rifle. Good for woodland and CQB. Very heavy and solid. It feels like I could chop a tree down with it and not hurt it. Oh yeah, it looks the buisiness. A friend came over to look at it and said he never would want to be on the other end of it just from the look. Get it if you want a basic M4A1 style rifle with a RIS system. One thing I do recommend for your first purchace though would be an Aimpoint style reddot, EOTech, or ACOG. So long as it clears the PEQ box you will be fine.


Comparision between the CA M15 and AGM M14.




And a few Arty photos.











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Just tried it and no the battery wont fit in the foregrip. If you had M4 regular handguards you'd be able to fit one in there easily.


EDIT: You could although put the PEQ on one of the side rails and be able to use the iron sights.

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Awesome review. I'm getting alot of movement in the lower R.I.S. after having completely removed the R.I.S. and then putting it back on. The movement is from left to right...are you getting the same problem/do you know how to fix this?

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A fault of CA designs alterations. The RAS's that they produced prior to the CQBR, or thereabouts, had tapered lips meaning that when the Delta ring is pushed forward to retain the upper and lower sections, and hold them captive, they got tightened together, or rather the lower 1/4 got compressed against the upper.

All new RAS's have straight cut lips which no matter how far forward you attempt to press the Delta ring it will not jam the upper and lowers tight together.

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Awesome!! I am only $50 short of owning one myself. :-D


Could you please take a picture of both inside halves of the PEQ box, with the battery in its place. I want to see how much room is in there, and what it looks like. I will most likely run it on a Li-Po which will definitely fit, but wondering what I could cram in there for a short time period.


Great pictures!

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Sure, I'll get a picture up for you in a bit.


Here you go thomas.



It has a 9.6v 1400mAh battery in it. As you can see I need just about 2-3mm of space to fit a second battery. There is alittle rattle from the battery but nothing too big.

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Ok, I've figured out how to get it so that the iron sights are veiwable with the PEQ box. It requires some modification. You simply have to remove the screw and switch off the top of the PEQ box and then raise the front sight so its level with the hood. You will be able to see about 4-5mm of the front sight, plenty for me.

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Awesome review, it has helped make my mind up on getting one.


A couple of questions,


What battery are you running it on, and whats its ROF like?

Have you tried any TM mags in this as with the previous version i heard these were a little loose.




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