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Classic Army M15A4 RIS Carbine (2007 version)

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Never got chance to thank you for the review, i bought one of these based on the review and WOW fantastic, only issue i have is that i only get around 297 fps. But other than that its great.




Thanks mate


No sorry, I sold it awhile back. Big mistake, keep wishing I didn't do it. In about a month or so I should have another one.


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good review. i have the old clasic army M15A4 carbine. however i am stuck with the plastic hand guard. do u know if the RIS can be sold seperatly as i want to put some attachments on the front of the gun and not just have only one rail. which is under the rear iron sights.


yea i have just got it off a mate who has kept it in the attic for 3 years. not used so i got it.


i know that mine has a rediclous rof on a 9.6 volt. and the 8.4 theres not much of a difference

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