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Hello all,


I was recently burgled June 2007 in east London, along the many items of jewellery that was stolen were my 2 beloved AEG's.


1x TM M4A1. Most of this gun looks standard with the regular M4 handle on top,

- It has a Systema metal body with Stoner rifle markings, internals upgraded firing around 310fps.

- The foregrip is distinctive in that it has a small triangular cut on the right side towards the body end. This is for the wiring to come out that goes to a battery bag that wraps around the foregrip with velcro straps..

- The wiring is enclosed in heatshrink shrouding.

- The handgrip is a ASDG dark grey slip over type and is pretty hard to remove without cutting it off. It looks like a fat sniper type rubbery handgrip.

- The motor plate at the bottom of the grip has 2 different type screw to the original. One is a fatter screw that gives a better grip and the other is a longer type bolt.

- There is a front barrel mounted clamp which holds a Wolf Eyes flashlight. This has a sealed end with a built in on/off switch.

- The trigger area and trigger has some soft spongy strips stuck on.

- The body through bolts are upgraded. The front bolt is the type with a screw on the opposite side, the rear body bolt is the same but does not have a screw on the other side.

- If the foregrip is removed there is a big supportive silver bushing on the barrel. This is to strengthen the barrel mount area. It had white electrical tape wrapped around it.

- It had a 3point black sling attached to it. The stock end had the strip that wraps around the stock 'barrel' and holds a mounting point.

- it was in a 34" black fabric type gun bag.



The other gun was a TM MP5 SD6 with a CA metal body and end cap.

- it had a CA metal silencer and front end.

- the battery section had part of the plastic cut away to allow for a bigger custom 9.6v battery.

- This was in a Guarder briefcase style fabric [but pretty solid] gun bag.


If you are offered anything that resembles this or see anyone with an AEG looking like any of the above please let me know or inform any member of the DarkAngel team.




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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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