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WE 1911 Tactical

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To relate with dark, mine is pumping around 330-340 on chrono on warm days. I was really suprised to find that it was shooting pretty hot.



Yo sharp.


Anyway, I thought the review was nice. I'm suprised that a GBB is shooting that hot. I've also heard these things lasting a while. It seems like WE has improved their quality.

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interestingly... the problem seems to have solved itself!


Maybe I should just spritz the valve with a bit of silicone oil. Might have stuck under the stresses of combat.

I guess there is the possibility that the two pieces can screw & unscrew.


Problem is, if it is loose, it could unscrew again.




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i'd like to add that the "new" mags that came with the desert tac work much better in the 1911tac than the 1911tac's mags did.

i have a standard 1911 mag too(the flat base plate style) which works much better too.

again this could be due to a re-design on WE's part. or maybe just a good build day in the factory...

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Am i the only one that's had frankly terrible experiences with WE colts?


MEU - Outer barrel failed, and the slide now sticks on the ejection port every time. Same thing happened to a friends tactical (same as reviewed), and his second one is now starting to develop the same fault. Anyone able to shed some light on this, or did we just get a bad batch?

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There does seem to be something weird about the mags of the 1911 Tactical. They work fine in my 1911 but they won't fire a full mag in the Tactical. Normal 1911 mags (flat baseplate) work fine in the Tactical.


Love them both, it's just a shame that they don't like the cold. Will be treating myself to a WE Hicapa 4.3 soon, might even test out the co2 mags for it.

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