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Stupidist General Sweetpants sayings

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ADDITIONAL: General Sweetpants (aka Suckerpunch) has now re-appeared as "Fartsnatcher".


This makes THREE duplicate accounts!


I can only sum up with the following...




Tony - (Fartsnatcher/General Sweetpants/Suckerpunch) - You are banned - AGAIN!!!!!


Don't come back again as we have logs of your host (yup, it's one of AOL's less talented users - surprise), and we will report your behaviour to your ISP who will undoubtedly disconnect your internet connection for abuse of internet services.


You're not big, you're not clever and you're about as funny as a turd in a washing machine. You are an annoying child who is obviously just after the attention you could never get in your younger years.




This is a public information service brought to you by R22Master (forum Hard-*albatross*) and Elrey (Official Forum Detective) ;)


*watches as forum's average IQ raises by 25 points as Tony is banned AGAIN* :D

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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