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Transformers Production Photos

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I used to watch transformers and loved it. Only, i didn't care for the transformers that turned into animals...

As for the people arguing about the realism of transformers, I don't think that when the writers of transformers first started the show they would people arguing of the realism/plausibility of a kids show...

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Two ways, off the top of my head Megatron and Soundwave didn't need to Create or destroy Mass to shrink.


Tighter Molecular bonds- molecules are like gassey cloud things, that sortof float next to each other, instead of floating next to each other the floated inside each other, taking up less space.


They didn't destroy or create mass, they just didn't use all of it all the time, they sent the extra back/forward/sideways in time.

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First, Dr Who is only wildly popular in the UK. Outside of the UK it's virtually unknown. It's certainly not on par with Star Trek or Star Wars or either version of Battlestar Galactica. None of which included the creation or destruction of matter.


Second, Dr Who isn't a serious science-fiction show. It's supposed to be silly, hence the bad/tacky/hilarious costumes.

Sledge criticize something he's never seen before? Well, I guess it's possible. Kinda like how milk may or may not come from cows.



Right. So you're going to take mass and put it into an alternate universe. Here's a question: When you go to get it back, how will you know it's yours and not the property of some other you in another alternate universe? What if that other you has an infectious disease that he's immune to but nothing in your universe is immune to?


And the transporter was invented because it would have been to expensive to have shuttles go down to a planet's surface for every away mission. In any case, there's more fact than theory behind the transporter than behind putting something in cold storage in an alternate universe.


So Star Trek invented the transporter because of a budget constraint but Dr Who isn't "proper" science fiction because because it cut costs on costume & set construction. Okay.


Milk may or may not come from cows. Have you ever milked a cow? How do you know for sure the milk you drink isn't Dog milk? Alternatively milk may come from Cowes and be delivered by hovercraft, which is entirely possible & even probable.


If you take mass & put it in another universe you must get a receipt! How obvious is that. Would you buy an AEG from HongKong & not want parcel tracking. This is a fundamental law of physics.


On topic: Yeah I will go and see Tranformers but purely as a Robots stamping on peoples heads kind of day out. I don't associate it with old franchise.

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I remember watching the Transformers cartoon way back in the 80's on Ricky Mallets kid show. I think it was Mr Mallet.


Anyhoo, I found an interesting quote about the film on the Internet Movie Database:


Megatron's classic alternate mode was a Walther P38 pistol, but Hasbro the owners, and official distributors of the toyline stated that they would not produce a gun of any kind for their characters (it's also illegal to make replica toy guns in several jurisdictions). Also the writers thought it was like "having Darth Vader transform into his own lightsaber and someone else swinging him around," so it was changed to an "interstellar jet.


I imagine that would also be the same over here too..........

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