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UK Police Armed Response/CO19

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how unhygenic!



A dildo is the least of your worries at the werkz, you might be going prone in a mixture of paintball and "club juice" - you learn to live with it. If it's any consolation, a dildo kill is classed as the most humiliating kill of all, even worse than ED-SKaR tagging you when he hasn't really registered on your radar as a combatant.

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Someone who has impersonated a UK Police Force Loadout.

Commendation to you Leadmill!


Where did you get the Police Issue caps with the cheqeured police squares, and I'm assuming you made the POLICE patches yourself?


Its high time someone attempts a UK Police Force Loadout! :D



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Mainly comprising of stuff I already have lying around, nothing was bought specifically for this airsoft impression.


I've misplaced my gloves atm so I ain't wearing any, still haven't got round to getting a patrol belt. Police patch is on velcro and will only ever be used at a skirmish field, if at all. Not totally visible in the pic are my speedcuffs in thier lovely leather holder.


Can't be bothered buying a G36 like Lancashire Constabulary have as this is just a general impression as opposed to a hardcore accuracy attempt.

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now i am surprised no one saw this before but whoever he is aiming at with the MP7 is safe with the sight cover on........lol


but all in all some very nice load outs they are impressive just not for me i will stick to the DPM but someone has got to do it so why not.

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I think those were posed shots (and if I remember right they were Matt and Robs first game as team mates), but anyway its a better observation to make (especially if they are in game) than people who constantly go on about no eye protection or fingers on the trigger in posed firing shots.

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With the front one on, and the back one removed, with both eyes open, you can see the dot and put it against things.



thats because your eyes are compensating for it, i used to do it with my target rifle scope i could see the targe close and at distance if i opened both eyes.


is the same principle .

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