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Tokyo Marui VZ61 Review

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Tokyo Marui Vz.61 Scorpion Review



BACKGROUND: After going to my local airsoft shop and holding two guns for over a million times I decided which one to get. The Scorpion looked like an AK that just went through the shrink ray to me. It had the old style reciever [milled hehehehe]. So it was either this or an MP5K. Well hmm.... for the same price I could get a scorpion with everything included or an MP5K that everyone and their mother has. So finally when it went on sale, I got it.










FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Well I'm a sucker for box art and manuals let me admit it. When you look at it for the first time, you see how sick the box looks with its nice matte-black finish, scratchy war-torn red letters saying Vz.61. It just says on the box, you choose this pistol/ SMG because you were voted most likely to take over the world. After staring at the box for 15 minutes I decided I should open it [that's why I bought it right ;) ] First you notice how small it is. Like an inch smaller than an MP5K, and 2 inches bigger than a glock. After reviewing its material I was happy to find the lower reciever all metal. Even though the upper was plastic but fell study.A big plus for me and the people who like metal bodies. Then you get a nice wire folding stock, every one likes them especially the mac11 owners right :lol: You can then slide back the cocking handle to reveal the hop up. Then at last you turn the handle on the bottom of the grip to reveal the batter port. Yes it takes AEP batteries. The total package includes the gun, rail adapter, two allen wrenches, mag, bbs, unjamming rod, loading tube, and spare outer barrel with 14 mm thread, AEP battery [nicad], and battery charger, paper targets, and manual.


TESTING PHASE and TAKEDOWN: Took out the mini bb loader [which I find very cool BTW] and loaded up some Marui bbs that came with it. Okay rate of fire as in no 9.6 but it'll work just fine B) Then the range god I love it..I can't give exacts as I don't measure it and I'm way to lazy. But I'd say it shoots 15 to 25 feet behind my stock TM AK47. Well that's good news so it aint now M14 but its no little GBB either. A good thing about the gun that I love is that it has an 'enhanced' bb follower which allow all bbs in the mag to shoot. No dry fires! dcfc0015ei1.jpg Iron Sights dcfc0016xl9.jpg First person view dcfc0017la9.jpg Stock folded dcfc0018sz3.jpg Battery insertion in grip dcfc0019wl4.jpg Pulling back on the cocking lever reveals.... dcfc0020ry9.jpg Hop up revealed dcfc0021mh4.jpg Magazine

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Magazine lip up close

FIRST TAKE DOWN PROCEDURE: insert allen wrench and unscrew set screw for body pin



SECOND PROCEDURE: Slide off Upper and Lower reciever and wala!






SKIRMISH REPORT: Well after showing it to my local field players I decided togear uo and go. Got kills with this in pistol matches easier because it had a nice mag capacity [58 rds.] so no need about sprayin' a bit. :P Also it managed to put some heads down when I layed some bbs down range. In a rgualr match though the only problem was that at the time there was no spare mags so when I ran out I had to whip out the speedloader. The good part about it that since it has a small size I was way more mobile on the field meaning running into a small hole or cover was an easy thing to do. The mag release is a nice push to it, no to hard or soft. Then the selectore switch has nice clicks into place no mushyness!



MY TACTICOOL VZ61 LOLZ dcfc0027mb8.jpg dcfc0028vb2.jpg dcfc0029dq0.jpg


Score out of 10


CDF [Chicks Dig it Factor]: 10

Range : 7

RoF: 6

Mobility: 10

FPS: 7


Total: avg. 8


review by : dookieboy

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