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Evike Sells Only Real Mad Bull Products!


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We've received word that someone is out there on the forums accusing us of selling counterfeit Mad Bull grenade shells. We take this very seriously as it hurts our public reputation and also damages our relationship with our suppliers. Anyone found making these accusations will be called out and we will demand evidence in the form of pictures, order numbers, and further information to substantiate any claims made against us. We will do everything in our power to replace any defective items if that is the case, but we will not sit idly by while we are defamed and slandered unustly. We are demanding an immediate cease and desist of any threads, emails, etc., pretaining to the subject of said fake shells, unless we are presented with credible evidence. A failure to do so may result in legal action. We apologize to the general public for the ruckus that this may create, but we believe that the truth must be made known.

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