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Marushin Mossberg M500 SSB (8mm)

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I'm going to add the articles and reviews that I've added over the past two weeks to the news section on the news page in one big update. I just haven't had the time of late to do that.


....and this really isn't the place to mention that though ;)


When I complete an article and stick it online a forum post is created here so taht feedback can be left. It's part of the article process, it's not really to signify that there's an update of some sort. I get around to posting news updates and new articles as and when it's suitable to post them, and when I have time to do so.

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And I'll add updates when I want :) Nah but seriously point taken; but I literally don't have enough time in the day at the moment to do everything that I want to.


Currently I segment my time into updates for the news, email and articles. Then any spare time I get can be used on the forums, drinking coffee and sleeping. :coffee:

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I've been trialing the Mossy myself, it can happily hit man sized targets at around 30m away on propane.


I've got a blooming huge video of all the tests here somewhere on an unlabelled DVD that's been burnt. I'll find it at some point :)

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Arnie, given that you`re in the UK, is there any chance you could shed some light on whether the 8mm mossbergs are skirmishable power-wise, or whether they`re good for plinking duties only?

If you mean as to if sites allow them or what may or may not be lega - I'm afraid I can't be much help there. I know some sites allow them and others don't past that I'm not much help.


As for if they are usuable pieces themselves, they certainly seem more usuable than any of the Maruzen lineup for effective range. I've tried the 870 and 1100 series, and the m500 tops both of those, plus as it's all metal it's a heck of a lot more sturdy. I suppose the best way to describe them is that they are about as usable and effective as a fairly stock gas pistol.


I want to get some grouping tests done, and need to check the video that I took to see if you can see the BBs flying in the shots.


..time to hunt down the DVD I burnt I guess.


Edit: Found it.. now I need to edit the data I've got - there's 2.5Gb to go through, and it's all broadcast quality so I can't stick it all online.

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Sadly I've not had a chance to chrono it, plus with three rounds at once in close proximity I think it's doubtful that any chrono unit could measure the speed. I'm just finishing a small video now of it. I'm testing a couple of chrono units at the moment, one of them certianly won't measure the speed, but the other has as good a chance as any other chrono out there.


Even for a small video encoding and mucking around takes ages to finalise. 5 minutes to encode 3 seconds of footage, but then again it is doing a lot for this clip and it's set to high quality, plus I'm doing other things at the same time. ;)

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Thanks for getting the review up Arnie!


That said, great review, loved the video. But why must everyone take videos when they're running out of gas.


Yea sorry about that. I was being a bit paranoid on the 8MM BB usage. They are a bit expensive so I didn't want to take too many shots.




Arnie, a few of the picture are linked incorrectly as well as the front page news link. The pictures are:


- Iron sights

- Reloading procedure

- and airsoft armory link (www.airsoft-armory.com not armoury)


Also if you can, refer the review written by "Evil Cookie" as mentioned in my e-mail.


Again, thanks.

Edited by EvilCookie
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