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tsd spring m14

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well im sitting here waiting till 10 which is in an hour and a half to have my wisdom tooth pulled out... so i guess theres nothing else to do than write a review. now i got this gun for free. its around 30-60 dollars depending on which site you go to. reason i got it for free is cuz the place i work at decide to throw out a bunch due to the bodies having cracks and some bolts not springing back when cocking the gun. so me and my co worker -were both gun tech- looked thru every box and found 2 good ones. however my bolt doesnt spring back. however it is a easy fix. now its 840 in the morning and i apologize for not having pics. but here goes.


first impression

pulling this guy out of the box, i noticed for a springer it had alot of heft to it. the weight is on par with a electric m14. its all due to the weights that are put inside the gun. the gun looks pretty clean for a springer however on mine the right side has some tacky logo and writing on it. it looks stamped on. its really tacky but at least its not a different color than the gun. the gun also comes with a rail that you slide on the front barrel and then screw on. its flimsy and sorta weak. i decided not to use it. gun itself comes with 1 mag however since my work was throwin em out i took 5. manual is 2 pages.


pulling apart

now ive had a few springers when i started out. and i could never pull em apart. so i was under the impression i couldnt take this gun apart. but i decided to look around other forums to see if i could and what do you know i found one. all you do is unscrew a screw located on the piece that had the mag release. after you do that its a breeze pulling the main reciever out. getting into the guts is easy as well. theres just alot of screws you have to undo. like i said before the bolt not springing back was due to the spring inside that springs it back not being in place. i set it back in place and took a look inside. nothing too special here. i messed around with the hope up cuz i shot the thing before and it was shooting a bit wierd. im thinking about dropping in a m110 but im kinda reluctant as to how fast itll wear out my gun. also one more thing while im here while i was puling apart the reciever. i didnt notice i forgot to unscrew one screw so i was pulling and twisting at the two halves and wondering why they didnt come apart. i did this for about 15 minutes and i will say the plastic here is pretty flexible and strong.



now i shot the thing before i opened it up and it was shooting a little high. thats the main reason i wanted to pull it apart is to see what was wrong with the hopup. well im not sure what i did exactly but i guess messing with the hopup helped alot in the shots. the longest distance in my yard is about 70 feet give or take. from around 70 feet i was getting around 4-5 inch groupings. from 60 feet i was hitting the leg of my bbq 8 out of 10 times. now i havent tried the poor mans chrono yet but id estimate this shooting at maybe 290. box says it shoots 300. seems a bit slower imo tho.



now even tho it comes with a rail system. i tried my red dot on it. thing is i can zero it in. ive tried and tried hours at a time. but no success. i really dont know what im doing wrong. the mags are locaps so feeding isnt a problem. safety is just like any m14.



well this gun is fairly decent for a spring rifle. i really like it cuz in a sense its shooting on "semi" not a true semi but sort of. i think it adds to the realism. cuz even tho you can shoot full auto on a m14 accuracy sucks. i give this gun a 8 out of 10 because even tho it shoots great now i had to first open up its guts to make it shoot that way. now if you can get this gun for free take it. but even if it wasnt for free id pay 50 bucks for it. hope you enjoyed reading this

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