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Pictures of your WA's

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Here is the M84 FS (non-spypack edition, I prefer the shorter silencer, personally)


Just for you Rizzo ;) We ll actually just for anyone who cares of course, but I like dedications :lol:


This might not work first time, I'm using photobucket for the 2nd time ever here..... Edit: yay & woo!!












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Sorry dude, I just can't help it :)


I'm debating whether to try buying up loadsa surplus stock from UK retailers if it all goes runny come November time, if that's the case I'll see about a gift-aid program for arnies members :D I fit comes to pass that cheapo guns are available in bulk, you can have any named gun I can get my hands on for free, as can a couple of other people.


Lets see how it goes... :)

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My Custom Para oRbnance :D






don't take the cap message seriously :P



First I wanted a Caspian Frame. But there isn't out any Airsoft Replica of a Caspian Frame. So I took the Para Ordnance Frame with Caspian Slide.

What do you think? I love it. Sure it's fullmetal and tuned.





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I need the parts list, a bucket to drool into and your address please.  God that is the best pistol i have ever seen!




Thanks man! :)


Part list:


Western Arms Para-Ordnance Prokiller 14-45 Limited Based

Shooters Design 5 inch Caspian w Small R Front Checkering Black Metal Slide

PGC Aluminum Frame For WA Para P14.45 (Black)

Guarder Stainless Steel Chamber (Hybrid Cal.45) For WA R-Type Government Series (Silver)

CP Custom Parts Aluminum Match Trigger For WA Hi-Cap Series CP-034C

Shooters Design 5 Inch Steel Outer Barrel (Hybrid Type A) and WA Inner Barrel with Small parts

Strengthen Hammer Spring, Recoil Spring & Fire Pin

2x Western Arms 25 Rds Magazine for Para Series with PGC High Flow Valve



I have real Hogue Wood Grips for this piece but they won't fit. Need longer screws :(





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KJW P.14 with western Arms metal slide, 150% recoil spring 6.03mm tightbore barrel + many more things

How dare you dirty this sacred WA thread with pictures of that KJW brute! :D

Its a travesty!

Would you put a KJW slide on a WA Para? NEVER! :D

Pure thoroughbred WA only please....



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