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SKS Shell Ejecting Spring Rifle

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SKS Shell Ejecting Spring Rifle


This gun caught my eye a while ago when I was looking for a shell ejecting shotgun cheaply, At first I thought "why the hell would I want that!" but i kept thinking about it and decided to go for it. Heres a small review about a pretty good springer.




Upon arrival I wasn't impressed by the box grahpics, simple yet effective writing saying exactly what it was, I opened the box up and its the typical styrofome packaging. The gun itself was wrapped in clear plastic celophane.


The Gun


The first thing I noticed about the SKS was the Wood effect on the stock, for a £20ish springer its really very good, although there is a nasty plastic seam going down the centre. I would compare the wood to the AGM M14 stock in terms of quality.


Metal Parts


Ok this is where the rifles big downfall is, There are almost no metal parts on this gun at all. The stock is plastic along with the outer barrel, trigger, trigger guard, foregrip, receiver. In fact the only metal parts on the gun apart from the screws holding it together are the intergrated cleaning rod and sling swivels.


Plastic ...

The plastic on this gun is very good, and It should be as theres alot of it. There are no burrs or sharp edges suggesting good quality control system on Shells part.


In The Box


In the box I recieved:-


The SKS Carbine Rifle, 12 shells, 12 rnd magazine, sling, bayonet, DVD instructions, Scope rail mount.


The DVD was useless and wouldn't play on my multi region dvd player, The scope rail mount is a bit of plastic with two screws on it...totally useless. The sling is ok, a bit cheapy though. The bayonet does unfold and lock into place. Obviously the bayonet is intended for display only, and would severely hurt if used against a person.


Along with what I got in the Box I also added an extra mag and 12 spare shells, which were packaged in what seemed to be a sandwich bag!




I haven't chronographed the rifle yet, just shot at a few targets in my back garden, but I suspect it is shooting about 280 fps w/ .20 gram and in the 300+ range with .12g. Using the good old coke can test It managed to go thru the bottom of the can from about 5 metres.




What everyones waiting for, The shell ejection! This is the point when I said to myself it was worth it. Firstly pull the bolt back until it locks then put in the mag, slide the bolt handle forwards until you hear a satisfying click. Take aim and fire! After you have fired the first shot pull the bolt handle back and watch as the spent shell casing spins out of the breach. Im not sure how it does it yet but it is very impressive.


There is no safety on this gun so be careful when in a safe zone etc. :waggle:






> The shell Ejection!

> Very good value for money

> Accurate for a springer

> Very solid feel

> The bayonet :D





> Serious lack of metal parts

> power is a bit low 280fps

> too many plactic parts

> feels too light for the size of it

> The mags look cheap and feel worse





If your looking for a shell ejecting rifle but don't like the look of the Super9 This is for you, Always remember you get what you pay for. Im very happy with it and do plan on using it in skirmishes.


My personal rating




Cheers for reading and I hope this has helped people interested in adding the SKS carbine to their arsenals.


Blasterbob :)

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nice review, well layed out. (lol, i am reviewing a review)


Is that 280fps with a .12? or a .2?

if it is .2 then that is very impressive indeed.


try the dvd in your computer (if you have a DVD-ROM)


Pics or it didnt happen :P


And finally, how do you load the shells with BBs. Front or back? can you put more than one in?


:D:D only another 16 questions to go.

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And finally, how do you load the shells with BBs. Front or back? can you put more than one in?


:D:D only another 16 questions to go.


It's loaded similar to how you would load a super 9's shell, and as far as I know from kapowwe and ebay retailers in the past, it's FPS is consistent with descriptions.


I truly wish I got this when I had the chance...it was only 50 USD shipped.

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hi all


Ok questions anwsered:-


.Manufacturer > Shell (yes thats their name)


.280 fps w/.2 is "a bit low compared to? > Other bolt action rifles e.g. Gspec


.The shells are loaded from the front and hold 1 BB


.Puchased from Kapowwe


.Try the DVD in my DVD-ROM and it still didn't work.


Ill put pics up in a few mins after I've taken some



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