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Classic Army - SCAR-H Pics


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I missed out on the FN Markings. But looking at the H version with just a revision on the mags area, I'd stick to my CA SCAR-L. I can use all the TM-compatible M16/M4 mags with it.


As for the GEN III, VFC is releasing one soon. Flash hider looks great.


WGC is taking pre-orders at USD420.00.



Lookie here these sexy pics of the VFC Gen III SCAR. Is the model a she?






Hmmmm...now where can I get a cheaper EOTech replica? :rolleyes:

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whats wrong with black? tan is ugly and does anyone know if anyone uses scar in black? last time i heard the special forces used a black one.


The only SCARs ever made in black were the First Gen prototypes.


Tan is more practical for every environment in which US forces are operating in.




black scars are blasphemy!!




I don't live anywhere near a desert. I don't play airsoft anywhere near a desert. Black it is for me sir!


But I don't like the mag's either...so SCAR-L FTW!


FDE works better in woodland than black.

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