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Not able to access from home

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Help. I have been having trouble for about a week accessing from home. I can get to any other site just fine. Arnies works for a few minutes, then get website not found. I try typing in the URL, and get a Yahoo search for Arnies. All other sites still work. Then I have to reboot, and Arnies works again for a little while. I've made no changes at all to anything.

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Sounds like a DNS problem, Contact your service provider's help line and inform them of the problem first.


A quick fix/test when it happens is use "" in the address bar in place of "www.arniesairsoft.co.uk" EG the adress bar to this topic would read: '' you'll probably have to log in again since cookies won't transfer over. If you get arnies to load on the IP its definitely a dns fault.


More long term (and less hassle in the long run if it happens frequently and your service provider doesn't fix it) is simply to set your internet connection to use a different dns server, Goto the control panel in your start menu, then network connections, then right click on the one you're using and select properties, make sure you're in the "networking" or "general" tab if networking isn't there. From whichever is aplicable you should see a box with a list of stuff including "file and printer sharing" and "QOS packet scheduler", at the bottom of the list should be "tcp/ip configuration" double click that and you'll see another window with ip setings and dns settings, un-check "obtain dns automatically" and check "use the following dns server address". You should be able to find a bunch of DNS server IPs on google if you type in 'Hawaii DNS server IP' just remember not to use one's listed as being your Service provider's or else the problem will more than likely persist.

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